I've been itching to get a new tattoo. I want one that says HEY! I THINK ATHEIST! (and so should you) without saying it in quite so many words. I have a bunch of symbols running down my spine, so I thought a nice atheist symbol could rest right on top of the row.
Any ideas? If you have an atheist tattoo, I'd love to hear about it / them!
I'll go out as soon as I find the right idea and sketch it out!
Thanks, guys =]

Ps- One of my friends got "Not" and "Saved" tattooed to his kneecaps. It looks amazing. It's much more masculine than something I would get (you know, as a girl). I love the idea of getting that, but at the same time I think it points to needing to be saved. But what are your thoughts?

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I have "God(s) Free" across the top of my chest.
The Invisible Pink Unicorn. Here is a definition, along with the symbol:


The above is a photo album I started for atheist tattoo idea's. Some are just ideas in the making... some are tats people have already done. Either way, I hope those of you who like atheist tattoos share yours with me so I can add to my album and hopefully help others along the way. Feel free to use what you like.
Eric Knight
I love the babel fish!  LOL
Now that is bad ass!

I'm not a fan of "slap in the face" atheism. That is to say, I prefer to be much more subtle about it. Instead of getting specifically atheist tattoos, I've been getting "science" tattoos, since it was my thirst for knowledge and love of science/evolution that led me to atheism in the first place.


So far I have a large atom on my right calf. I plan on getting Darwin's "I think" tree (but haven't decided where yet), the "ascent of man," and a double-helix band around my arm.


If I do get something specifically atheist, it will be this quote by Douglas Adams: "Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?"


I do also like the IPU symbol, and have toyed with the idea of getting that done somewhere, outlined in black and filled with pink, fading gradually.


I love it.

My wife, who's a believer, told me to get a cross with a cross through it.  For a second I almost considered it.

I've been thinking about getting one that is related to reason or science...


...or just maybe a really cool rocket ship.



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