I've been itching to get a new tattoo. I want one that says HEY! I THINK ATHEIST! (and so should you) without saying it in quite so many words. I have a bunch of symbols running down my spine, so I thought a nice atheist symbol could rest right on top of the row.
Any ideas? If you have an atheist tattoo, I'd love to hear about it / them!
I'll go out as soon as I find the right idea and sketch it out!
Thanks, guys =]

Ps- One of my friends got "Not" and "Saved" tattooed to his kneecaps. It looks amazing. It's much more masculine than something I would get (you know, as a girl). I love the idea of getting that, but at the same time I think it points to needing to be saved. But what are your thoughts?

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That's cool.If I get a tattoo can I steal the word reason and have it the same way you have it?
Of course. It is my sincere hope that everyone will use Reason (that is aimed more at life in general than at tattoos, but I'm sure you catch my drift).
Thank you.

My new Darwin tat. Not really atheist specific but the Darwin fish is a slap in the face to christians.
I know you aren't big on quotes, but I'm actually getting the first amendment in the bill of rights done on my right hand.

Congress shall make 'no' law respecting an establishment of 'religion', or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the' freedom of speech', or of the press; or the right of the people 'peaceably' to 'assemble', and to petition the Government for a 'redress' of 'grievances'.

the words 'NO' and 'RELIGION' will be in red
'Freedom of Speech' will be in white
and 'peaceably assemble' will be in blue except the A in 'assemble' will be the atheist scarlet A.
I have a huge chestpiece with a banner saying "Godless" across it in front of a huge pair of eagle wings.
I had just been playing with this idea myself. Why not? I'm an old guy and what do I care what the idiots think! What about the FSM, A 2 - 3" Flying Spaghetti Monster would be cool! Not everyone would know what it means but most atheist would easily identify it?



In order they mean athiest and "reality over fantasy"

Hey Wayne - nice, thank you - kk

i just happened to stumble upon this, so i don't know if you are still looking to get one or not, but this one is interesting.

That is brilliant. I myself am trying to pin down exactly how I want my next tattoo (described here) to look. I think instead of the scarlet A, I'll do this. This just fits perfectly!
I have "God(s) Free" across the top of my chest.


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