Atheist Stand Up Comedy TV special premiers tomorrow

Hey folks.

I hope you don't mind me putting this out here, but I am a comedian  with my first ever hour TV special which is premiering tomorrow, Tuesday August 12, 2014 Video on Demand everywhere TV exists!  InDemand networks like Cox, Comcast, AT&T U-Verse, Time Warner as well as iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon Instant, VUDU, etc. It is 71 minutes of comedy skepticism with a heavy emphasis on atheism. Many of you may know me already, as I play all the conferences and conventions. This is a HUGE thing for me so I would love the support and of course I think you will all enjoy it too! Here is a bit about it. 

Ian Harris: Critical & Thinking is the incredibly smart and irreverent new comedy special from the brilliantly skeptical mind of Ian Harris. Armed with a wide array of characters, razor like wit and critical thinking skills, Ian skewrs commonly held beliefs, taking aim at such topics as Religion, Ghosts, The Paranormal, Comforting Notions, Astrology, Pop-Mysticism, Alternative Medicine, Racism and Apocalyptic Claims. It is easy to see why Ian immediately elicits comparisons to George Carlin and Bill Maher. 

Here is a link to iTunes order page below. 

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