Hi fellow atheists!

A small thought as to my own prejudices got me to wondering if these are linked to my atheist position. I know a lot of us have a prejudice based mainly on theists and this can range from mild irritation to outright hatred. This is one of my own prejudices, for as soon as I discover a person's religious beliefs (or the strength of their religious beliefs to be more accurate) I tend to label them with an equivalent intelligence level, even though I know rationally that this is not always the case for I have met intelligent theists and they do exist. I know I tend to think this because I equate atheism with rationality and logic which I know all of us do.

I wondered if there are any other typical atheists prejudices that you think we may have? Or perhaps any prejudices that you yourself may have that you have noticed?

Any typical prejudices that we may be strictly against, such as theists 'satanistic' assumptions about us?

Can our prejudices be equated to those of theists?

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A fine example of a prejudice. It may be that blacks and Hispanics are criminals in higher proportion to Caucasians and Asians, but to start out assuming negative things about them is pernicious. The same thing is true of your attitude toward religious people.

I read a study that said Christians and Muslims have the lowest IQ of any groups of people.

@ Jerry - If that study is correct, I would say the reason for that is because religion encourages many people to close off the powerful human trait of curiosity which leads to seeking and obtaining knowledge.

If not for fear of offending their God, I'm sure many of them would have much higher IQ's. Also there may be an element of intellectual apathy thrown in there, because they feel their God has all the answers. Why try to sort out things that do not make sense?  That's just the way it is and that's the way God wants it.

Prejudice. There are plenty of religious people who maintain a high degree of curiosity where they don't feel faith is called for.

Unseen, I'm appalled that you would while stating your position, show your prejudice against those "dopey christianity of Jimmy Swaggart and Pat Robertson. Easy to be prejudice isn't it?

I heard Episcopalians weren't really christians, but then maybe that was just a view that shows the prejudice of a Roman Catholic.

There's nothing prejudicial about a negative attitude toward the hypocrite Swaggart and the rather obviously deranged or idiotic Pat Robertson. It's just a rather obvious observation.

I don't think you're being serious anyway.

I did leave off the smiley face but the fact that you find Swaggart and Robertson hypocrites and/or deranged and/or idiotic can be said to be a prejudicial view even if it is an obvious observation as you say.

Reasonable inferences don't qualify as prejudices.

But your original statement was to compare the types of christianity, the persons in question have 1000s of followers, you have no prejudice towards these people?

More pity than prejudice.

The Other is never totally within our grasp.

yeah... don't you find that a bit too convenient? As soon as a theist runs out of real arguments, this gets put in and POW the discussion is over. There is no way to refute that argument.

All the while the argument is based on human words in a book written by humans. No proof it comes from a god. Just SAYING it comes from a god does not make it so...

Dear folks:

Ever go to a religious gathering to listen and may be learn something, then get this itch called 'oh come on..!'?

I get this alot. It does not even need to be related to religion. If you don't get it, then what has happen to your brain function?

Ok you get the itch, your brain fabricates a question, then you, say it out loud! What can happen next? You could have a wonderful enlightening conversation. You could be told that you are evil, the devil made flesh, or some such. You could be removed from the room by force. You could be ignored. The police could be called. You could be love bombed. You might even suffer some form of character assination, after you are ignored. Humans can be very creative with the possibilities.

Heaven forbid that you do not receive the 'wonderful enlightening conversation'. Because you can or are now entering the 'kill the question and the messenger' zone. In exchange for your nieve desire to understand, to seek truth, to overcome one's ignorance, or to correct the error of another, you could be marginalized, lose a job, be labled a crazy, or even have your mail box stuffed with junk.

What will be your responce? Will you thank them? Will you grow a deeper soul and forgive them? Will you grow a thick skin? Will you give up because of fear? Will you go on the attack? Will you learn a web of ugly verbage? 

I think this is the place where anyone with half a mind and a little independance, comes to.

For me, trying to have a nice day, was a good start, after that, picking my battles.    




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