Hi fellow atheists!

A small thought as to my own prejudices got me to wondering if these are linked to my atheist position. I know a lot of us have a prejudice based mainly on theists and this can range from mild irritation to outright hatred. This is one of my own prejudices, for as soon as I discover a person's religious beliefs (or the strength of their religious beliefs to be more accurate) I tend to label them with an equivalent intelligence level, even though I know rationally that this is not always the case for I have met intelligent theists and they do exist. I know I tend to think this because I equate atheism with rationality and logic which I know all of us do.

I wondered if there are any other typical atheists prejudices that you think we may have? Or perhaps any prejudices that you yourself may have that you have noticed?

Any typical prejudices that we may be strictly against, such as theists 'satanistic' assumptions about us?

Can our prejudices be equated to those of theists?

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I'm so inured to being around religious folk. They're EVERYWHERE. I can't seem to escape them. So it's only the "true believers" that really get to me. Among them, there's some who believe in ghosts and evil spirits and who are afraid of these mental constructs. I find them pretty pathetic and beyond the reach of reason: their minds are ruled by fear. They are repulsive to me. They give me the willies.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Shinto they all share a belief that they can commune telepathically with an entity who will grant wishes and impart knowledge. How can you trust such an individual?

Sure they might be kind, informed, charitable so on and so on, but they truly think that a sky being talks with them and they to it...this is my prejudice

I do it all the time without problems. So, yes, you truly ARE prejudiced.

I'm no more prejudiced against those who are religious than I am towards anyone else, which is to say that my presumption is that they are idiots until otherwise conclusively proven.

So, out of interest, does their theistic beliefs count a point for or against their stupidity meter?

It depends, you don't have to be stupid to be religious or religious to be stupid, though it helps. It's similar to the largest secular religion in that sense: Sports.

Inasmuch as I define intelligence as necessarily incorporating, reason, logic, and common sense in order to be to be considered fully functional, I must confess that I prejudge ALL theists as demonstrably lacking any such a capacity.

Nonsense. Religion is only one facet of many religious people's lives. Also, many people who identify themselves as religious attend church/temple/mosque, but otherwise their religion has little overt affect on how they live or think. The vast amount of Christians I know accept evolution, the age of the universe (contrary to Biblical teaching), and just about everything science tells them. They simply nevertheless believe that God is responsible for it all, a hypothesis which, while unlikely to the degree of near impossibility, is nonetheless impossible to prove.

"They simply nevertheless believe that God is responsible for it all"

And in what way is that incorporating reason and logic? To believe something for which is no evidence, and to believe god is responsible for everything around you which has a much better explanation in science (namely provable and repeatable) is in my opinion really not incorporating reason and logic.

Impossible to prove? To be honest, if I were god, I'd be sick and tired of people not believing in me. There'd be an infinite number of ways in which to prove my existence, from the all obvious showing yourself to ALL people on the world at the same time, which would be a piece of cake if I were a god, to very small less obvious but still very noteworthy and easily repeatable ways. After all these years of people still not believing in me and as a matter of fact, all the time having less and less people believing in me, i'd give up waiting for people to be able to convince everybody that i really existed and do the job myself.

oh but wait.... here is your chance to put in the all famous response to that: god needs you to believe in him without making you... riiight. If a scientist would use that argument he'd never have a job again so why would that argument hold here?

"Medically speaking, it was just brain surgery. But for some patients, it was a spiritual reawakening. " - ABC News


I admit my heart sinks when someone says they believe in a god and I am inclined to think they are not my sort of person. It is not so much their intelligence I doubt as their values and judgement. I have the same feeling about the judgement of people who believe in star signs or psychics tho I am less inclined to feel negative about their values. I also have a prejudice against people who pronounce t as a sort of glottal stop - I am English. There is a woman at the school always yelling for her child and I am so tempted to ask 'Why did you call your child 'Natalie' if you can't say it?' 'Na"alie! Na"alie' This is entirely my own stupid prejudice because enunciation says absolutely nothing about a person - that i probably nothing to do with my atheism tho.

lol funny and very true, I do the same thing...


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