While browsing the outer reaches of the interweb, I stumbled across something called “Atheist +.” Has anyone heard of this? What are your thoughts and opinions? I looked into it and discovered an interesting blog post on the subject worth a read http://atheistethicist.blogspot.com/2012/08/atheism-plus-arguments-...

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It seems fairly unimportant.  I do agree with those that state the name will generate some confusion regarding what atheism is, but I don't think it's really that big of a deal.  It's also nothing new.  If the group remains relatively small, the more irrational atheism critics aren't going to even notice it.  If it grows large, those same critics would have simply assigned a name to A+ if it didn't have one already (as, I believe, was the case with so-called 'New Atheism').  The irrational critics do not seem to be confused about atheism because atheists have been unclear; they are confused because they simply are not interested in understanding.  That's why I dub them 'irrational'.  Until you can make them want to understand, quibbling over names is probably trivial.  If they do want to understand, explaining the differences shouldn't be that difficult.  It's not all that nuanced.

The concept behind A+ (as I understand it) does not appeal to me, but as long as no one chases me down barking at me to join in with A+ (which has not happened to date), I'm perfectly content to let them do their thing without much in the way of criticism. I don't own the term 'atheism' anymore than anyone else does, so if this group wants to incorporate the term 'atheism' into their name, they don't need my approval.  

I just listened to TA radio for the 2nd of September; it featured Jen McCreight and she did a good job shilling for A+, talking about how it's just some place for people to get together and hash these issues out and all viewpoints are welcome, just be polite...

We've already seen from the screen captures earlier in this thread that that is a lie; disagree and you are a privileged douche and they will tell you so.


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