While browsing the outer reaches of the interweb, I stumbled across something called “Atheist +.” Has anyone heard of this? What are your thoughts and opinions? I looked into it and discovered an interesting blog post on the subject worth a read http://atheistethicist.blogspot.com/2012/08/atheism-plus-arguments-...

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well said ma'am.



Besides issues regarding the establishment clause, are there any political issues or values that are solely atheistic in nature?

"Politically, I'm much more interested in uniting with anyone who embraces secularism, reason, and social justice."

Which is what A+ is saying it's doing or am I completely wrong on that?

It's my understanding that this group is for atheists and atheists only (hence the name).  I do not believe that this will help us unite with others who share these same values.

Atheism is what unites us.  Any other ideology will only be divisive.  And I really resent being called a "douchbag" for not singing their praise!  

Unites us for what specifically?

And anyone who actually called you a douchebag for not saying Atheism+ is good probably just qualified themselves as a douchebag. People should recognize that others can have a legitimate dissenting opinion without being lambasted.

The person who called everyone who doesnt join in a douchebag was Richard Carrier FTB blogs  http://freethoughtblogs.com/carrier/archives/2207/

Also PZ myers said you can be with us and be an A+ person or against the idea and be an  Asshole Atheist. 


These are prominent atheist bloggers and speakers. So take from that what you will.

Well, we can make Atheist Cubed and anyone who doesn't like that is a double dog douchebag.  So na-na-ne-boo-boo.

I don't care for the idea of separating and classifying atheists. There is already so little holding the community together.

Looking at the links provided, I'm still not really sure what atheist + is... Encyclopedia Dramatica did not help at all.

Seems like they are a subset of atheists who also concern themselves with social justice. So rather than being an atheist and a feminist and a humanist, they made up a new term. Why they did this is probably a good question...

For a thorough background, Google "elevatorgate" 


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