Here is a paradox that occurred to me tonight that I would like to present to the community for critique.

I know that I am being prayed for. I'm told nearly every day by my religious family that they are praying for my soul; praying that I accept Jesus and the Word of God; praying that I denounce Atheism and become a Christian. Prayer, as we know, has two antithical components. Allow me to demonstrate. I have a sick family member and I ask everyone to pray. If my family member lives, "our prayers have been answered!" If my family member dies, "its God's will." Following this logic, if the prayers of my family members are never answered, if I am never saved, is it God's will that I'm an Atheist? Can the God of Love (?!?) have it within his will for some people to be Atheist? If so, is he really a loving god. If not, is he really an all-powerful god? Thoughts?

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It's at that point that you stare at them in horror and hopefully they will see what kind of monster they are in your eyes.

I have argued for years that Judas is the hero of the bible and deserves a special place in heaven. If it weren't for Judas, no one would be saved.

This is the same "theodicy question" that has haunted monotheists since before Santa Clause died.  (Yes.  If you haven't heard, Old Saint Nick succumbed to injuries sustained in a high-speed sleigh accident.  Santa's blood alcohol level was said to be four times the legal limit.)  Yes, this is a variation on a very old question.  The assumption is that atheism is suffering since it is estrangement from god and leads to eternal damnation.  There are many varieties of logical gymnastics employed to sidestep this dilemma.  Suffering is educative, suffering is a test that will be rewarded in heaven, suffering is illusory, etc. just to name a few.  (FULL DISCLOSURE-Actually, I stopped after only a few examples because that's all I could remember from grad school on the spur of the moment.  There are a bunch of them and they are all equally lame.)

Theodicy freed me from my faith.  Thank Gawd for Theology.  

there is a lot of bad in the world  I dont see god stopping any of it. Any of us who has read bible, quran or other religious how many inconsistencies and things that do not make are there in it. There is no god and hence no god's will.

There is no paradox.  There is no God.  They prayers uttered by believers are of no consequence and their only effect is to make the believer feel better.

what you're saying is true: people have a tendency to find "solutions" to problems or questions they have. If people LOOK for a "god", they'll "find" it. 


there's a type of Logic called Modal logic, which teaches that if something has a possibility of being untrue, it is not useful.


let's say there IS a divine power of some variety. let's say that it even contacted humans in the past. What matters NOW is that the power isn't in contact with us, and hasn't replied to the imploring of a few thousand years of humans. it really doesn't matter how many freckles Jesus had on his face, or the exact number of steps Mohammad took when climbing his mountain, and it's sad how many people die for these reasons. 

now to answer your question: I think a better question would be "if the God can't influence anything or make it's processes known, does it even matter?"

It's called marketing. How is he gonna pay for that vacation house if people aren't slaving to be good?

you can't buy a vacation house if you don't exist!

God may not, preachers do :)


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