Fox News (.com) ran an article yesterday about a new phenomena taking place across parts of Europe, and now in the U.S., that involves atheists in larger metropolitan areas getting together for music, reflection, and inspirational talk. Some may say that this all smacks of the same trappings used by organized religion in the form of ritual and imagery. Others say that it serves to tear down the walls of false perceptions that atheists are evil and untrustworthy. The group in L.A. also took donations for community service projects planned in the near future. I believe it is a good thing to positively promote the atheist movement but I also want to avoid any misconceptions that result from these types of services. It is an interesting development nonetheless and I hope it serves as an indication that our culture is finally moving forward and away from the handcuffing philosophy of religion. 

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Are these mega-gatherings to be applauded or looked at with suspicion? Your thoughts....

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Maybe FOX was showing a weak tendency to optimism, in an area they unfamiliar.

So are you suggesting we 'appear' small, or should we pursue the 'appearance' of a vast horde?

I suppose any appearance of a 'representative' atheist on FOX would crimp the theist delusion of a perfect normality. If thousands of Atheists made an appearance at a revival gathering with big signs, PA system, and a full parking lot of news trucks, surely this would shock theists into battle or a 'soul searching'  retreat. Of course Atheists being accused of grand standing, would hardly come up to the level of a true theist mega-church. Forcing theists to confront the culture full on with little likely back door for excape might offer a teaching moment. Surely a loud mouthed minister would fluster under such an offensive...  

Very good! Having to appear at a Benny Hinn revival would be significantly out of character for me. Having to hold a protest sign doubly so..;p)

"I believe it is a good thing to positively promote the atheist movement but I also want to avoid any misconceptions that result from these types of services."

There will be misconceptions.

More so it's people we're dealing. There will be social problems: cliques, crazies, buttheads -you name it. 

 I fear some nut bag thats affiliated with one of these places might decide to burn down some churches or something like that. I don't think it will take much to get people to hate atheists more.

 On the other hand... I'd go to check it out -I mean mainly smart, hot, atheist ladies and I think we can all count on better music than say christian contemporary too. It could be a lot of fun.

As long as the group acknowledges and addresses the problems that are inherent to any organization that grows rapidly and is run by humans i have no problem with it. Given the level of ammo that would be given to the religious from any kind of scandal or abuse, I sure hope they are watchful. I can already see us being sucked into the "well they are not 'real atheists' " argument just like the fundies do. Insert some wise quote from Yoda here (. .)

people sometimes needs church even if there is no god. i would go to one if there was one in reachable distance

I know right. Sometimes you're in the dire need for a toilet but can't find one nearby, and so you have no choice but to piss on a regular wall. I wish there were more churches and mosques everywhere so we could use their walls instead.

wt actual f? lol


I am having a meeting in the local bar for anyone that does not believe that there are fairies at the end of their gardens. We won’t be discussing our lack of belief in fairies but any other topic under the sun is fine. However you must not believe in fairies in order to attend. So even though we won’t mention “f*****s” or care how militant anyone’s disbelief in them is, we would like to be known as people who meet up because of our lack of belief in them. It is important that everyone who does believe in fairies knows we are meeting as non-believers in them. It is important that even though we don’t believe what they believe, that they label it a meeting of unbelievers rather than a meeting of people that are interested in other things. In fact I think my local French speakers club should from now on be known as the “Church of non-Greek speakers”. I suppose it is important to Faux News as to which gods attendees don’t believe in. They should do a poll outside to find out. It would tell us so much about those that do attend.

As a new member to this site it would have at the very least been polite to post this fox news story in reply the thread I had already started yesterday on the same subject.

It's all in the title.


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