I’ve realised I prefer not to call myself an atheist. It seems like strange word. A word for something you don’t believe in. I don’t believe in unicorns but there’s no word for that, or pretty much anything else I don’t believe in. 

Instead of calling myself an atheist I’d rather call myself a person of reason. 

Plus what hits harder when someone asks if you believe in god, replying "No, I'm an atheist." OR "No. I'm a man/woman of reason".

(Though I do realise 'atheist' is a little sexier and easier to google.)

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Like "Graviton" or something? Is that too super villain like? cause I like it.

Is there any particular reason to why you do not prefer being referred to as an "Atheist"? I can understand as some people do not tend to be associated with general societal labels which take away from one's individuality. 

I actually have no problem with calling myself an atheist as the definition of an "atheist" from the Merriam Webster dictionary states "one who believes that there is no deity". That is exactly who I am and therefore by  the default definition I am an atheist. Then again I also believe that the word "atheist" should be capitalized as it now in society refers to a very certain group, such as those who disbelief in deities.

The word atheist does apply to me but it isn't the word that most defines me as a person. 

I don't like the word theist because god myth believers should not be special above other myth believers who are just superstitious or deluded or insane.   ;)

I don't like the word atheist because it acknowledges the word theist.  

It's just semantics though and it is often useful to use the word to make my position clear.   

The word "skeptic" comes to mind.

Skeptic tends to equal strong Capitalist and climate change denier and misogynist... it's a term who's true meaning has been corrupted.

Heh.  Had no idea.  But I don't interact with many self-identified skeptics.  I have to question this characterization though...it sounds more like a political usurpation of the idea of skepticism...something the Right is very talented at doing (it's admirable, really).  I would bet there are still plenty of people out there who didn't get the memo that their label has been co-opted. 

Based on dictionary only, I do tend towards the skeptic definition for myself, but I refuse to use the word publicly because it is so sullied.

But I don't consider the word atheist sullied. I am totally ok with whatever "harshness" is associated with it. My parents weren't "harsh" atheists... they were apathetic atheists... well. that's ok for some... everyone chooses their won projects :)

How about you ...guy that formed this discussion?

skeptic doesn't come to mind at all when it comes to religion. It seems more of an agnostic word. 

 I don't think that the agnostics have a corner on that word. One can be skeptical of anything. Magic, the supernatural, certain medicines, homeopathy, ufo's, to name some that might deserve the scrutiny.

 Just a thought.

I see what you are saying but wouldn't "human" or something be more accurate in description? Perhaps you're not fond of labels.


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