I’ve realised I prefer not to call myself an atheist. It seems like strange word. A word for something you don’t believe in. I don’t believe in unicorns but there’s no word for that, or pretty much anything else I don’t believe in. 

Instead of calling myself an atheist I’d rather call myself a person of reason. 

Plus what hits harder when someone asks if you believe in god, replying "No, I'm an atheist." OR "No. I'm a man/woman of reason".

(Though I do realise 'atheist' is a little sexier and easier to google.)

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Funniest thing I've read in this discusion. Mainly because I relate. 

I don't care for the connotations of the word atheist, though it's technically the most accurate definition of my stance on deities. The simple phrase "I'm not religious" is the most useful and least provocative way I've found to describe myself in most everyday circumstances.

It has it's limitations, though. I've had very religious people tell me that they're "not religious" either; among believers nowadays, it's somewhat fashionable to say that you disavow the "man-made" religion while still believing in God, or that you're a "follower of Jesus" or some such nonsense. In that case, if they push it, you have to draw a clearer line sometimes.

If I'm asked directly if I believe in God, though I don't think I really ever have been asked, I'd have to answer a simple "No," and just leave it at that. I don't feel the need to offer an alternative.

When asked why I do not believe in any god/gods, I usually reply that i do not have any imaginary friends.


Same here, no imaginary friends, and no imaginary truths :)

Do theists place as a reference on their resumes, 'Imaginary Friends'. I expect some would 'know' more of the imaginary variety and anything/anyone that was real. If this would happen, it might the rest of us look good!

The difference is like going into a gunfight with a .44 Magnum as opposed to a b-b gun.

Every time I try explaining myself to a Theist, they just start bleeding out of their nose...

...I gotta stop doing that. :D

Kris F., you came close.

Dan, aka man of reason: are there any times in your life that "man of emotion" describes you more accurately?

Rene Descartes didn't feel; he only half was.

Best video answer I've ever seen to this question, in the initial portion, the next portion are good arguments against religiously pushed procreation.

Thanks for sharing. 


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