(This is my first posting here, and actually the first time I have ever spoken with other atheists. I'm rather relieved about the fact that I am not alone...I will definitely be very active in this community. )

I have a large "kinesiology and faith integration" paper to write by the end of the semester. Clearly I don't believe in faith, normally I would BS these papers but I am VERY tired of lying and being fake/closeted to get my degree. This assignment, the last of many, has just caused me to snap. But I'm almost free, I'm a senior so I can't just transfer now. I have a few options:

1.) Talk to the professor that I am not a Christian. I don't think it will go over well and he will most certainly judge/hate me, he takes his faith very, very seriously. I also have to face him for classes next semester and currently he really respects me. Maybe there is an alternative assignment I can do?

2.) Try to write it as assigned. It hurts me to think it's still an option. I hate hiding my beliefs like they are something to be ashamed of.

3.) Go out with a bang. Write an 'integration paper' about how science and faith DONT get along, much to his surprise. I'll enjoy writing it but I'll fail for sure. I also still need to see him next semester.

4.) Something I haven't thought of. Perhaps kill myself?

Can anyone else relate to being in a Christian school and having to lie on a daily basis? Only my closest friends know I am an atheist.

Here's the prompt that I can't ever see myself writing:
"...paper that integrates your understanding of the regulation and control of movement with your Christian faith. For example, what analogies or metaphors might be drawn between the control and coordination of human movement and how God works through his Church, and/or will of God?" I also need 8 references and it needs to be at least 8 pages.

Thanks everyone!

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I personally think you should finish up your schooling, and get your degree. It's not easy to find work without one nowadays. Jump through whatever hoops you've got to while you're there. After that, use whatever credits you can to get a real degree. Oh, and last but not least, when you've been awarded your degree, and set to go on your merry own way, BURN THEIR MUTHAFUCKIN BELIEFS TO THE GROUND DURING YOUR GRAD SPEECH!!!! That's what I'd do. But then again, I'm an asshole like that... Feel free to contact me if you need ideas or whatnot...


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