Atheists have rightfully rejected Christianity, as they know it.


The Christianity of the New Testament cannot be found today.


There are no miracles.

There are no true tongues spoken, only unintelligible gibberish.

There is no love, only on Holidays.

The Clergy is lustful and wicked.

False doctrines and traditions have been assimilated:

  •  The Trinity
  • Assumption of the Virgin
  • Praying to Saints
  • Transmutation of the host
  • Papal infallibility
  • Confession to priest
  • Prayers to Mary
  • Formerly, Papal indulgences
  • Veneration of Saints
  • Statues and images
  • Europeanization of how Jews looked in the First Century.
  • Lesbian and Gay Priest.
  • Money spent on Cathedrals, Basilica’s and Mega Church buildings as oppose to the poor, the oppressed and the hungry.
  • Materialism, The Vatican's collection of art treasures is beyond pricing.
  • The Inhuman inquisitions
  • Confiscation of land from heretics, so called.
  • Burning of witches, so called.
  • Speaking for God with no given authority and deceiving the masses.
  • Holy Crusades, a complete misnomer
  • Etc, etc

All of the above comes from man in complete defiance of what is written.


These people are not blessed with any power, because what they do is a complete lie.


Then to the casual observer; "Oh my, looked at all the bad things happening to good Church going people, there can't be a God"


Well sometimes good Church going people get what they deserve.


Atheist are the Diogenes of  their time carrying a Lantern looking for a honest man,

and bring all things to the test.




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We reject your version too, Michael. No evidence = no belief.
Keep carrying the lantern, one day you may have your evidence.
Perhaps I will. But until such evidence is available, I will remain unconvinced and unbelieving.

I think the monk types who live in solitary confinement and walk around with sandals and walking stick with one robe live perfectly the new testament.  


Do not have any Earthly possessions except what is absolutely necessary.  

Help all people and do good deeds. But do it anonymously for God is the only one who needs to know. 

Praise God as much as possible.  


I have never met any Christian who lives by these rules.  If I did I would probably respect them a lot , believe it or not.  


The really funny thing is when I mention this to Christians , they say 'That life is impossible and God surely does not expect it.'


Upon which you can only tell them about the Jains ... And monks ... and many other factions of religions.  These people do this for the sake of truth and philosophical insight / enlightenment - Not because they want to get to Heaven as some cheap reward.  


I still love Ghandis quote.  "I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." 



I would agree with you regarding respect for the classical 'monk' christian. Anyone who can follow a creed of humility and selflessness, living on the bare minimal, deserves respect as a person as they have shown great will power that I cannot match. It still does not make me agree with their religious beliefs but they have achived something that I could never achive and that deserves some respect.

I like the Ghandis quote too athough I would not agree with everything the scriptual christ said.

But as an atheist knowing that religions are all man-made its not respect I feel for the monk's it's pity,for throwing their entire lives away for something that's false.what a waste of a life, For worshipping a man from two thousand years ago!There might have been a man called Jesus back then but that's all he was,A MAN but in no way the son of a god,then decades after his death MEN wrote a book about it,MEN,not the word of god as there's no such its pity I feel for monks and nuns and the rest of the crazy people who BELIEVE for that matter.
We reject all religions, because they all have exactly the same amount of evidence supporting them. Which is none. There's no more reason to believe in the christian god than there is to believe in Zeus or Odin.
lol, James you have a point. The Norse gods died in a giant cataclysmic battle, but what's everyone else's excuse?
Assuredly, evidence will not be found with the lie.
Absolutely, no evidence no religion !
I second this. I would be very interested in hearing precisely what you believe and what led you to that conclusion. I've seen bits and pieces of your beliefs in prior conversations, but have never seen the whole.

Any explanation you receive must be rejected without evidence to avoid the mass deception.  But I will share my belief. In a prior post I explained that Christ is the perfection and completion of the symbolic ceremonies, observances and priests of the Temple. Since all these things are foreshadows of the Melchezedek Priest. which by definition has neither beginning of life nor end of days but forever abides a high priest.


The blood of goats, bulls and sheep in truth have no power to remove sin and purge the guilty. It is only a ceremony, a place holder for something better to come in the future. The Jews practiced this for over a thousand years. Once the fulfillment of all things was manifested and rejected by his own people the shadow was removed from the face of the earth. As Christ prophesied and confirmed the same prophecy that Daniel wrote 600 years earlier. God will not allow the Jewish people to rebuild the Temple until it is time for the  "seventieth week of Daniel". "Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place." The prophetic clock in regard to Jerusalem stopped once the Woman the true Church of God, fled into the wilderness as the Dragon poured a sea of humanity into Judea to destroy  the Holy Temple in 70 AD, just as Daniel prophesied to the exact year, over 600 year earlier. 

When the two olive trees and lampstands  before the God of the whole earth, return to Judea and the Temple is rebuilt, then the final week that will close the age of the ungodly will commence. 

These olive trees and lampstands are the spirit born of the tribes of Judah and Levi.

For 2600 years the unerring hand of the prophets have accurately foretold the succession of world empires the destructions of  Jerusalem and it's Temple ,  the captivity and return of the Jewish people.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Before Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he is, unborn in the loins of his father, i.e., The Living Word of God.


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