If someone ran for president in the U.S. in the next election or the one after, they openly said they were an Atheist but had no problem with the people who were not... what do you think would happen? I would like to hear everyone's opinions on what they truly believe, not wish, but believe would happen.

Any chance of that person winning? being assassinated before they even get close to winning? Be labeled a communist, socialist or fascist? FOX News would cream in their pants for such a story. These are all things I imagine would happen. What about you?

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Not to sound gloomy but they'd just shoot him.
No, they would just get naked and wait for rapture :P
Don't be Silly!  California representative, Pete Stark, is the ONLY avowed atheist in the entire Congress - 1 out of 535.  And that ratio probably holds at all levels of state and federal government.  It will be 100 years, at least before an atheist would have the slightest chance of becoming President.  Gun-totin' women, Mormons, tea party rednecks: they all have a shot at the top job; but atheists?  Fuggeddaboudit!  As to whether I would vote for an atheist: the mere fact that he/she IS a atheist would indicate a propensity for truth, reason, and clear thinking; so, sure, I would jump at the chance.  In fact, I would run myself if someone had the courage and wherewithall to back me -maybe P.Z. Meyers.  I wouldn't be elected - not in medieval America - but it would be one HELL of a campaign.  Assassination wouldn't bother me, since I don't have the fear of death that Christians do.  Maybe Bill O'Reilly would interview me; that would give me the chance to explain to him what causes tides, as well as ask him why it was that Adolf Hitler passed a law in March, 1933, that made all freethinker and atheist organizations in Germany illegal.  After all, Bill KNOWS that there is a God; that HE (not Bill, but God) makes the world go around; and that Hitler was an atheist.
Ohhhh.. I like that. Good stuff

I m not American but I do Think American will going to elect an Atheist President in this decade. I m sayin this because US have to move forward, humanity have to move toward peace and harmony And atheism is the only solution to many problems of the world.  

Yes could be labeled as communist or socialist by illiterate/ignorant people, groups and countries of the world. So an Atheist president could get support/sympathies of the public of communist/socialist nations and opposition of theist nations( specially where there is less usage of electronic media and web). 


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