If someone ran for president in the U.S. in the next election or the one after, they openly said they were an Atheist but had no problem with the people who were not... what do you think would happen? I would like to hear everyone's opinions on what they truly believe, not wish, but believe would happen.

Any chance of that person winning? being assassinated before they even get close to winning? Be labeled a communist, socialist or fascist? FOX News would cream in their pants for such a story. These are all things I imagine would happen. What about you?

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if all things were equal, I would vote for an atheist rather than a theist. An atheist has a firmer grasp on reality and more likely to make 'better' decisions on more factual grounds. if the atheist was useless and the theist was able to do the job then I would perfer the theist. Who ever can do the job best is the best choice, regardless of their religious (or lack of) beliefs.

The xians would tear an atheist US president apart. Their criticism without ground perhaps but it would still be enough to discourage some people for voting.

Yes, whoever does the best job is of course... the ideal candidate. If an Atheist happened to be the best, would anyone even give him or her a chance?

An openly Atheist candidate wouldn't stand a chance in the current political climate. There are just too many theists that will vote against them solely because of this fact. It wouldn't matter if they were spot on with all of their policy.


Would I vote for them? Well, it depends. If they hold the same political stance as me, yes! If the only difference between the Atheist candidate and theist candidate was their theology, then the Atheist would get the tie breaker. But if his policy was contrary to mine, I would not vote for them anyway because that are Atheist.


So while A theist may make let theology be their first deciding factor, I wouldn't. I must admit that I would love to have an Atheist in office though.

I would too. Do you think Bill Maher would be a good president?
My response is pretty much similar to James'.

As for Maher, no I do not think he would be a good president. He may be an atheist, but he is quite irrational in some of his beliefs and I see no reason to expect him to be rational in matters of policy.
Yes, I see. Better at being funny than running things.

I would definitely vote atheist over theist because of a greater grasp on reality, unless the theist had extremely superior credentials, and assuming they're not prejudiced against people of other religions, that is, they're of the incredibly rare 'accepting theist' variety. Otherwise the vote's on the atheist-- things like Bush Jr's claim that God told him to 'strike down the Muslims' and Bush Sr's 'All atheists are un-American infidels' rant quite scare me. Thankfully, the president's mostly a figurehead and corporate lobbying interests really run the country, but still the threat looms. I do not doubt the destruction of humanity (or at least a decent piece of it) by religion-instigated war within the century or so.


A silly little fantasy of mine has always been to become president just through the 'God wants it to happen' justification, then reveal I'm actually an atheist and fix the whole world by actually doing something.

Obviously that's an unrealistic idea, but one can dream..

better start kissing hands and shaking babies.
no..an atheist president wouldn't stand a chance. I can see us having a female Hispanic president before ever having an atheist one. Since christianity is the majory, and people tend to vote for the people who believe in the same things they do, we wouldnt have chance. atheism is still feared in the states.

All I can say that current president of Croatia said he was Agnostic and it was a big scandal because people thought he was an atheist, so people had to explain what agnostic ment.

So, my suggestion is, don't tell anyone that you are an atheist until you become president, than drop the bomb :D

'Come out' after you win the second term, then watch the wingnuts go crazy.
It truly would be 'the end of days' :D


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