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I, as most of you, am atheist, but find myself saying thinks like "Oh my god!".  I recently saw Monsters vs Aliens, and found very funny Dr. Cockroach Ph.D when he exclaims

"By Hawking's chair!"

I find that is a very good atheist exclamation (even more that Dr. Cockroach is voiced by Hugh Laurie) and decided to think other possible atheist/scientific exclamations, like:

"By Darwin's beard!"

"By Sagan's eyebrows!" or maybe "By Sagan's turtleneck!"

And these I don't like so much, since sound kind of religious:

"Good Science!" / "Oh my Science!" / "Science help us!"

I may not use this a lot on real talk, but I have used a couple online, on tweets and Facebook, and I like them.

Do any of you use something similar? Can you think of any other exclamation?

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I use the great Bender's "Oh. Your. God."
I like that one!
That's a good one. Got to love bender
That's Bender!?  Sweet...I was already using that.

I still like 


"Jesus. H. Tap-dancing. Christ!"


Offends the Xians, and gets a grin from Blues Brothers fans.

Christ On A Bike!!


I like the image.

Replying to my own post, I tough a couple more inspired by classic scientist, not necessary atheist in their time.

By Galileo's telescope!

By Leeuwenhoek's lens!

By Archimedes's tub!

Holy Atheist ! Darwin Almighty ! For the love of Logic/ Science ! Jumping Space Aliens ! In Reality I Trust !

Fucking Entropy!  

Oh Mighty Thor!...or just replace Thor with any god's name. I like the Bender one too :)
I find myself saying : Thank Zeus,  on occasion.   Or  Jesus H. Christ !

Try these: “By Dawkins!” as in “By Dawkins, I think he’s got it!”

I personally like homer Simpson’s “Jebus” in place of Jesus.

Or how about “Dog damn it!”

“Sagen’s sack!” in place of Jesus Christ! Ex: “Sagen’s sack! If I have to l listen to another Christian bitch about using their lord’s name in vein, I’m going to go Old Testament on someone!”

“May Hawking be with you!” “And also with you!”

In homage to George Carlin, can we all start swearing to Joe Pesci?

“The power of Carlin compels you!”

“The Wrath of Kahn” in place of the wrath of god, and an “Act of Kahn” in place of an act of god


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