Sometime I have the urge to display to the delusional people around me that I am an atheist. At one time I kept my ideals to myself, but through the WWW I have I have discovered the world is full of free thinkers like myself. The Christians have the crucifix, Jews have the star of David etc, etc.

 I feel I would like a symbol, is there one already (not the 'flying spaghetti Monster') or is having a symbol the beginning of a cult group. 

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I always kinda considered that an atheist symbol. I myself plan to tattoo it on some very visible place.

Ahhh, the scarlet 'A'!!!

I've got that on my hat!!! As you can plainly see in my pic...

A great idea I think ... but may fuel the flames of the folks who ridiculously claim that atheism is just another religion.

If we must have a symbol ... let's make sure it's something that looks cool ;-)

what would the symbol be?

Symbols seem to represent dogma. Most of our symbols represent us making fun of that dogma. I would argue that we do not need a symbol( it would be cool though) because we have the ability to use critical thinking. 

My vote is Jesus riding a Dinosaur battling Mohammed riding a unicorn on the cover of a book called "People will actually think this shit happened". 

I'm with Dubravko and Dylan on this. Have to go with the "Scarlet letter" :)

Personally, I find emblems and symbols to be infantile. It seems too much like religious obsessive behaviour to me. I'd have to go with George Carlin and "leave symbols to the simple-minded."

My favorite symbol now, hands-down, is the one I'm using for my avatar. It is actually a combination of the Friendly Atheist "Circle A/@" and the old American Atheist "Atom A". Someone (on here, maybe?) combined the two and created a kickin' wallpaper out of it. I use it all the time, and I shrunk it down for my avatar.

Incidentally, I've been talking to the folks at, and they are interested in making a nice vinyl version for sale. They said it would be a couple more months before that's done, but I can't wait. I want to replace my old Circle A/@ with this newer logo on the back of my laptop.


The new atheist symbol in a wallpaper

The back of my laptop - I speak regularly at conferences in Europe and the U.S., so this is displayed prominently as a speak :)

Check out the shop here

And here are some alternatives


I think this is my favorite, but I dare not put it on my car - I wish I could, but I am afraid of monotheistic "love"


Symbols have been away of people recognising each other in a crowed. If one was to choose a symbol for atheists,  I don't believe it should be one that bastardises some one else's, for example the conversion of the fish to evolve, although witty, could be construed as  direct insult to the faith that currently uses it, although I am Atheist I don't feel the need to insight ill feeling to religious groups but I will defend my beliefs to the death. (look what happened to the Swastika, it was once a religious symbol with no ill feeling, now it is hated and feared throughout the world). I don't believe it should be bold and in your face, it should be enough to indicate something of who I am, for example we quite often see a small crucifix around a persons neck, its tells of what their religious belief is but doesn't scream at anybody demanding that all who is not wearing one is wrong.  like the 'atom A' but prefer the simple tilted 'A'.

Stop. Just stop. 

Huh? I'm confused. Who stop? And what?


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