I dream every night and I have been able to remember what I dreamed about by focusing my mind immediately after waking up. The interesting thing is that even though atheism is at the forefront of my being I have never recalled one dream involving the subject. To me it is somewhat surprising that my mind has never thrown my atheism into it's mix of nightly theater. 

Has anyone else been able to remember a dream that involved their atheism?

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I once had a dream that I was a book attending a preacher burning. This was the only religious sort of dream I can remember, and it was after a night of enjoying a certain plant that is illegal in most states, mixed with an herb called Mugwort, which acts as a dream enhancing hallucinogen, but has practically no effect on the waking mind. I don't condone breaking the law, especially with crimes that include victims, but I fail to see why a plant that can grow in almost any climate, is harder to kill than to cultivate, can be used to treat so many different ailments better than most pharmaceuticals, and can be made into so many useful things such as paper, clothing, fiber pressed boards, and food for its less affective cousins, could possibly be considered a bad thing. If I didn't understand evolution so well, I would say that this particular plant could be proof that god is real and that he loves us.


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