Recently I have heard that atheists have their own dogma. I have always responded to this comment with "the only thing that I am aware of that all atheist can agree on is in the disbelieve that god(s) exist...or ever have existed." By some definitions this could be held as a dogma (view 

I know that we have a few theists out there and am curious as to their view of what an atheist dogma may be. If you are an atheist, feel free to chime in as well.

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This is just an attempt by the sheep to force something they don't understand to fit within their narrow world view. If you really want to call the lack of belief in magical powers a "dogma" then the word loses all meaning. Except for the being/s that they single out to believe in/worship, every person on Earth is then equally dogmatic about their lack of belief in every other possible imaginary being, even those which have not been thought up yet. Every person is equally dogmatic about the nonexistance of a limitless number of imaginary beings and forces.
Hello, I'm new to Think Atheist, and I'm very impressed so far! Regarding your discussion, I try to avoid debates with theists as the area of the country I live in (American South) is mostly filled with the fundamentalist type. However, in the discussions I have had, I've noticed that they (theists) try desperately to somehow fit the complete non-belief of atheists into the thought processes they use for their own particular belief system. Much like trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

My opinion is that the "dogma" references and other similar comments are a result of that. Also, I receive, quite often, the comment, "Well, you HAVE to believe in SOMETHING. You can't just believe in NOTHING." I think that many believers cannot wrap their minds around atheism without treating it as simply another religion/belief system. It's what they understand; they don't have to get too far outside their personal comfort zone, and I think this is the reason for many of the myths and misconceptions about atheists. And when I make the comment that atheism is actually the "default" position -that we are ALL born atheists and have no concept of religion until taught it by our parents and/or other caregivers, the fur does fly then! :)
This does seem to cook their noodle doesn't it? I live in what I like to refer to as the "south of the north". Idaho is one the most religious/conservative states of the north. Sometimes I feel like I live on another planet.
My stepbrother lived in Idaho for a while a few years ago - moved there from California, and he also said it was like moving to another planet! He said religion was so rampant he felt like he was visiting Georgia again. :-) He isn't an atheist yet, but I think he's well on his way.

Most of the Christians around here just simply don't want to acknowledge that there is any such thing as an "atheist". At least the Muslims, Jews, and other religions, they reason, believe in SOMETHING, even if they are "wrong".

The fact that there are atheists and other freethinkers living and thriving happily among them is just too much for them to handle. They honestly do not want to know it. It's like they have their fingers in their ears going "LALALALALALALALA".

I never start a debate with anyone, but if asked directly or if I feel I need to make a stand on an issue, I always remain calm and civil, and try to take the "high road" because I want to prove to them that as an atheist I am not a bitter, angry person with no happiness or meaning to my life, which is the opinion most religious folks - at least around here - have of non-believers. I try to get some of them to apply the same scrutiny they give to religions they don't agree with - other Christian denominations, for example, and non-Christians - to their own beliefs, and understand that the things they claim in others' beliefs as "strange" are equally "strange" when applied to their own. Most of them don't get it, but some of them are scratching their heads now, I think. ;-)
Utah is another planet. Idaho is probably a close second, though. For all the natural beauty of the Rockies, it makes me glad to live in California with all our fruits and nuts!


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