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I know you must be tired of hearing about my adventures on facebook, but I thought this would be an interesting discussion topic, so here it goes. I recently posted another great quote on my facebook page. This one was no specific to religion or atheism and I thought it illustrated a great point. Much to my surprise I quickly received negative feedback from an old high school friend who was an atheist back then, but now I am unsure if he is an atheist, but I believe he may be a satanist. All that aside, here is the conversation thus far... I would love any advice you may have and feel free to critique or discuss the over-all theme brought to light. Thanks.

(ME) Kyle Wilhelm
‎"There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn't there." - Thomas Hardy, British writer (1840 - 1928)

Kush Kant A great one Kyle. It so aptly applies to the "surety" of religion. The religios display this condition all the time but think they are in "light."

Gregory Alan Pearce Personally, I find the concept of "atheist crusader" to much of an oxymoron to take seriously. Clever observation is one thing, religious activism on your own part is quite another.

Kyle Wilhelm Who said anything about an atheist crusader?

Gregory Alan Pearce Now, don`t say that... You`re anything but subtle. Your hamfisted
attempts at  satire, your propensity to spout anti-religious dogma, and
your open attacks on organized religion -  all of these speak volumes.

Gregory Alan Pearce I don`t come knocking on your door, telling you that what you believe is wrong. It`s intolerant and disrespectful of others.

(ME) Kyle Wilhelm Greg,

First I would like to say that I find it rather dishonest to compare my posting of quotes and  occasional debate (usually always on my own profile) to going door to door and telling  somebody what to believe/not believe. Facebook is a p...ublic forum designed for people to  connect and discuss ideas. I am not doing anything remotely similar to what you are  implying.

Next, I find your use of the word "crusader" to be dishonest. A crusader was somebody who's goal was to conquer the "holy land" and use force to spread their religion and wipe out any opposing religions. This was accomplished by using force (including things like torture and murder) and was done in the name of god for religious and political reasons. My posting quotes and having an occasional debate is not even close to the nature of what a crusader is/was.

I believe the core of your comment revolves around this: you wish me to keep quiet about my atheism and avoid confrontation with religious people. If this is true then I ask you why? When religions seek to control the government, to pass laws against freedoms and rights, to indoctrinate and spread lies, to prevent proper medical research and application, and to commit hundreds of other different evils, then no sir, I will not remain silent.

The issue Greg is that religion is thrust upon me more often then you would imagine. On a personal level I am bombarded by religion several dozen times a day. Usually 50% of the post that show up on my facebook and myspace wall are religious, I receive a few emails a day from religious family and friends trying to evangelize to me, I turn on the radio or tv and there is usually a few ads telling me I'm not a good person and need their religion, I pass  billboards and church boards on my way to work, at work I am occasionally confronted by co-workers about their religion, at home I get knocks on my door by people spreading their
religious belief, my own family is made up of evangelical christians. I have no escape from this, I am bombarded many times a day, every day. I am told I am a bad person and going to hell. I am told their religious dogma should be forced upon me. I am not exaggerating in the least bit., this is my reality.

Until religions stop hurting others, forcing their beliefs on others, denying others basic  rights, trying to inhibit scientific and medical progression, and bombarding their beliefs on
others, then I won't be quiet.

I have no idea why my posting a few quotes and have a few debates (almost all on my own  page) sparked your comments, but I am not going to remain silent or accept your false judgement. I make no apologies for what I have said or done.

One last thing, why did you choose to address all of this on a quote that neither addresses religion not atheism? That is the most perplexing thing of all. Peace.

Kush Kant ‎@Mr. Gregory, why does religion as a subject demands our "tolerance"
and "respect?" People have every right to examine religion and its
assertions. If the religionists find that disrespectful, then so be it.

Gregory Alan Pearce I appreciate your patience as I endeavor to satisfy your questions, gentlemen.

To Mr. Kant`s question regarding my prior comment: There was a man, before I was born, that spoke a message of peace, tolerance, and
equality for all mankind, an
for this he was shot and killed. His name was Dr. Martin Luther King
Jr. In it`s most harmless form, acting with intolerance and disrespect
can discredit you and what you represent while lending credence to that
which you oppose. At the more extreme end of the spectrum, well... it`s
far too easy to go too far once you`ve thrown out the rules of conduct.

Gregory Alan Pearce To be fair, Wilhelm, your beliefs themselves are not the object of discussion, but rather the means by which you express them, and the
manner in which you do so. Facebook is a social networking site
designed to connect family and friends.
By that token, when you post something as your status, you are putting
it in PUBLIC view. When you post a comment such as "Nothing fails like
prayer!", imagine yourself standing in the grocery store shouting it.
If discussion is what you desire, I would suggest joining (or even
starting!) a Facebook group where you can do so openly among like-minded
individuals without the chance of offending anyone.

crusade: noun. Any war undertaken in the name of religion; any energetic movement to remove an evil or improve a situation.

Noah Webster compiled a book that contained more truth between its covers than any word spoken by a man.

I work in Indiana and Homer City, and I drive back and forth between the two several times throughout my shift. I spend my nights here with the
radio on, listening to 94.5 and 107.1. Thereby, I am exposed to much of
the same religious adv
that you are. I come from Northern Cambria, which, if your unaware, is
pretty much nothing but Catholics and pizza. I was baptized Catholic.
My mother is Catholic (and shares a birthday with Hitler. No

I`ve been an atheist (actually, more of a nihilist) for the better part of a decade and a half... so, ever since I was old
enough to ask questions about god. I grew up around people who quite
simply couldn`t comprehend what I was talking about when I said that I
didn`t believe in God; that is to say that the concept itself made
absolutely no sense and was a ridiculous and childish notion. And this
comes from my predominantly Catholic family as well, who said simply,
"We don`t believe in atheism in this family. You`re not allowed to be
an atheist."

Well, my mother also said that if our family believed in abortion, I wouldn`t have been born. So I have Catholicism
to thank for something, after all.

To say that religion is thrust upon you more than I can possibly imagine is an elitist, self-grandeurizing cop-out.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

When you post controversial, anti-religious remarks, you`re asking people to bombard you with religious dogma. Cause and effect.

Yes, it`s true that great atrocities are comitted ...in the names of gods, and have been since the inception of religion. It`s also true that great humanitarian deeds are done by people who follow a
god that teaches them to love, protect, and lend aid to their fellow
man. Referring to them collectively as a group under any name is a
dishonest and dangerous way to do business. I would advise you to be
very clear and concise in addressing any religious matter, no matter how
simple. Attack a criminal, people applaud. Attack an innocent, and
you will be hanged.

To conclude this, and answer your final question, it was Mr. Kant`s
comment (and not the quote itself) which prompted me to voice an
opinion. So I`ll end this with a quote from me (yes,me), which I
believe so aptly applies to our conversat
...ion, and the topics discussed. Take it for what you will.

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is outnumbered."


"We`re all fucked. It helps to remember that." - George Carlin

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"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

When you post controversial, anti-religious remarks, you`re asking people to bombard you with religious dogma. Cause and effect.

Or more accurately, when you're bombarded by religious messages all day long, you're likely to voice your opposition to their message. Cause and effect.

So he ends by saying that his problem is with Mr. Kant's' comment? Then why vomit all over your wall? Why not on Mr. Kant's wall?

He goes off on about your tolerance, but clearly is posting on your wall about someone else's comment. Tolerance is to allow you to post something on your wall without going off on you about it. He could have posted on his own wall if he wanted to drink his own coolaid. Moreover, creating a group is no more private than posting your status. Yes the internet is public, so is a group, but it's not like yelling in the middle of a shopping center. It's more like having a conversation at a table in a crowded restaurant. If you don't like what the next table over is saying, ignore it. It would be more disrespectful to walk over to that table and give those people a piece of your mind in the restaurant, which is closer to what he has done here.
Well, my mother also said that if our family believed in abortion, I wouldn`t have been born. So I have Catholicism
to thank for something, after all.

Ha ha, his mom didn't want him.
His mother also made an ignorant statement here. Just believing people should be allowed to have abortions doesn't mean that everyone should just go out and get one.
He then expands on the ignorance instead of questioning it. Just because she didn't have an abortion doesn't mean Catholicism had anything to do with it.

You're right here. Essentially what his mom is telling him is that she didn't want him. If my mother ever said such a thing, I would certainly say something to call her attention to what she's actually saying.
On a related note, me, my brother and my sister, once asked our parents who they loved most. My mom answered that they loved us all equally and if that hadn't been so, they would have three embrios in jars on the kitchen cupboard instead of us. We didn't ask any such questions after that.
If it wasn't for the Holocaust then I wouldn't have been born - that's a fact ... my Mum wouldn't have met my Dad - it is what it is.

Someone once said you can't go from an 'is' to an 'ought'.


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