I feel there is a new cult religion on the rise, and  it may be some sort of demented warped version of a disbelief made to fit an idea. I was reading this article, and many people had the same concerns as me

"What happens in a Atheist Church"


There is a concern among some non-believers that atheism is developing into a religion in its own right, with its own code of ethics and self-appointed high priest

"It will become an organised religion. It's inevitable. A belief system will set in. There will be a structure, an ethical outlook on life," says architect Robbie Harris.

I understand people like to come together in a common cause or value, but congregating and having sunday meetings is a completely different thing. Things like this really anger me, because this is exactly the opposite being a free rational thinker or skeptic. Other than being an Atheist, we are all independent of our actions and thoughts, we are all our own individual self. We are not connected in any eternal bondage or any of that other nonsensical ideologies.

This is exactly how cults and religion start. It may start out as a harmless thing, but eventually someone will come and try to brainwash and manipulate others to follow that individual as some sort of demi god leader. I just doon't understand why some Atheists or free thinkers or rational thinkers feel the need to give atheism religious characteristics

I would like to hear your opinions on this matter.

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 I have visited some less popular areas such as Grenada, W.I.. Woke up early, stumbled into a beach-side pub looking for some "johnny cakes" about 8AM and yep, I found three leather-skinned Brits with stouts and one says "hey yank, they call me "doggie", where ya from, mate?"

I oppose such a concept, which is one of the MANY reasons why I have never checked into TA's Nelson's weakly Sunday Service.

Sorry, Blaine, I was worshiping at the feet of my statue of Unseen, which, admittedly, I couldn't see - but I'm back now --

Good way to avoid taxes i guess lol

Just file as a 501c3, then you can hire only atheists for the office, due to your 'religious' classification, and collect moneys for that special fellowship boat you have your eye on. Hire theists for the cabin help, and preach at them for a change....LOL 

The very idea of an atheist church is dangerous. As is the suggestion of atheism being a religion in it's own right. It is important to keep our "lack of belief" as a focal point, no more - no less. Having said that it seems many of us (atheists) are inclined to support the tenets  of secular humanism. But I believe associations with philosophical/humanistic ideas are not necessary or warranted. Those concepts have merit and value but really nothing to do with the definition of atheism. Having said that, I do wish there was more cohesiveness among atheists throughout the world. Our numbers could be a force to be reckoned with if we managed to become remotely unified. Organizations like the FFRF are effective and important, no doubt, but joining together on a worldwide scale could possibly facilitate a speedier disintegration of organized religion. As it is now there are thousands of organizations and websites that support the atheist message but I believe our lack of global unification makes the struggle with religion less effective and lengthy. I realize that many atheists are unwilling to make a commitment to action and have no desire to be vocal and outspoken in a public forum. I cannot fault them for that necessarily. But to me, personally, the scourge of religion is so detrimental to our civilization that joining forces globally is so important. Technological innovation in modern warfare has made the need all the more pressing. Theism will destroy our planet or make areas of it uninhabitable if we in the secular world fail to keep the voice of reason heard.

I might support an atheist coffee shop, tavern, restaurant, nudist beach, wine tasting, cheese sampling, but church? Pay the damn taxes, our keep your deductions high!

A high-end atheist call girl service? Hmmm

The Church has strippers and stand up comedians as well as rock music and alcohol - it's one big party. 

Mockery trivialises religion in a way little else can match.

"eventually someone will come and try to brainwash and manipulate others to follow that individual as some sort of demi god leader."

Richard Dawkins, Four Horsemen

Oh, come on!

According to the article no 'nonsensical ideology' was involved. The meeting consisted of a Powerpoint presentation about science, urgings to live a good life (because there's no afterlife), and classic rock-n-roll.

That sounds more akin to taking a class at a liberal arts college than to eternal bondage.
So why does someone need to attend daily Sunday meetings for anyone of these things? If I wanted to learn science, I would go take a class or go attend a Science seminar. You cannot compare such things to organized weekly congregations. Organized congregations serve for one purpose only and which is to farther an agenda or ideology. What ideology does this "Atheist Church" need to congregate for? If you are not a basketball fan, are you going to come together weekly and celebrate that you are not a basketball fan with other non basketball fans? There is no point in celebrating default positions, it serves no purpose whatsoever.
Exactly how many cults, religions, and gods originate in vehement opposition to belief in cults, religion and gods? Or based on Queen's 'We Will Rock You'? Or based on antimatter theory?
Cults and religions start for all different reasons and circumstances. Usually they start from an ideology that has been twisted to mold a certain viewpoint. Opposition to any view or ideology doesn't not hinder a group of being in danger of being taken over by an extreme view point. With the right words and propaganda, even secularists can fall prey to cultists movements.
The aim is to offer atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, and freethinkers all the educational, inspirational, and social and emotional benefits of traditional faith-based churches; using a rational and secular approach to religious questions of life, love, meaning, and happiness.
I believe one can get educational, inspirational and social benefits without having to attend traditional style faith based churches. An Atheist certainly does not need to learn any of those things in a church-like environment. Psychologically and in evolutionary terms, I do understand human beings need a communal and social gathering for the benefit of the species, but there are  better ways to achieve that than engaging in faith based style worship houses.


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