Didn't see a post like this offhand in the forums, but I only looked around a little, sorry if this is a repeat.


Anyway, I just came across a very well developed atheist character in Brandon Sanderson's 'Way of Kings' and was really thrown for a loop. Not only is she awesome and smart, she makes great rational arguments in favor of her position. It's interesting to me, because she's in a very religious world and has been branded a heretic, etc. What further interests me is Sanderson is a Mormon. I'm not sure why I'm astonished that a religious person could write a good non-religious person. But I'm very pleased. (I haven't finished the book yet, and its the first in a series, so I have no way telling if she gets eaten by snakes or zapped by lightning or something..).


It's fascinating to me to see an atheist in fantasy, in particular, because fantasy tends to accept that gods are real, along with magic and all that.


I was wondering if any other novels have atheist characters figured in. I mean, as of yet this isn't a major plot point, but its a central part of who this character is. So like that, not just something mentioned as an aside.


Edit: so she's apparently actually agnostic leaning towards atheist. But still

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I also write stuff like than and in my highly atheistic universes it is a well known fact that religious people implode :P

But if you do finish something let me know ;)


p.s. in one universe I tried for science and magic to coexist but it was futile :(  

p.s. in one universe I tried for science and magic to coexist but it was futile :(  


I know. That's one of my problems that the blending between any magic and science is horriblely distaughted and messy. Try explaining a fireball as an exothermic reaction between two common gases in the air. How far should the whole 'spirit' idea go? How hard the atheistic ideas should be? etc.

Usually my problem what that magic comes from 'spirit energy' while science works with 'normal energy' and the spirit energy always goes berserk, it is always much more powerful than science, so I tried to put some rules on it but it's just science then, but I, just for fun, call it alchemy. So what you've got is alchemy vs science and this is just pointless. You ether need just science (an atheistic universe) or you need just alchemy which is just fantasy not science fiction.

Than I tried to split things that you can achieve easily with science and than with alchemy, like teleportation is very complex for science but easy with alchemy/magic but then again magic becomes more powerful than science. So it was just impossible.

I wasn't writing a book but making a plausible game universe and I just gave up on science with real magic universe. Maybe it's a holy grail of gaming. 

Well, maybe you can do fantastic things with magic that are hard to do with science, but how easy is it to do magic? Can everybody do magic, or just a few naturally talented individuals? You can train any dumb foot soldier to use technology. Or, is your magic powered by magical items? Do you need a magic want infused with hand-clipped unicorn hairs, or a sword forged during the second blood-moon of winter in the heart of Mount Relevant in order to have magical power? Because you know technology can run on steam.

In several of his novels,Stephen King has otherwise  inanimate objects go through a series of mishaps that result in the invocation of an evil demon which possesses the object.

  This was the premise behind "Christine" and "The Mangler".

So, If you really want to believe in such stuff, dumb luck wi;l;l suffice for talent, skill or knowledge.

There is also Brita from the show community... a female atheist.

All of Rand's protagonists from Atlas Shrugged were mentioned (That trailer looks horrible by the way. Glad they didn't cast me in it). Howard Roark and Gail Wynand from Fountainhead are the two explicit ones. 


Spenser from Robert B. Parker's novels is an atheist.

In the Dresden Files novels, Sanya, one of the Knights of the Cross (he wields one of the three holy swords forged from the three nails of the cross) is an agnostic. When asked how he could be agnostic given that he received his sword directly from the Archangel Michael, he responded that it could be extremely advanced aliens, extra-dimensional beings, a type of powerful fae, etc.
Huh.  I've read all the Dresden novels, I guess I overlooked that point.  Now in a universe presented as the Dresden books do, it'd take much more effort to be even agnostic. :)
I think it is only brought up twice, in passing. Sanya needs to show up more, but I guess he's a little busy, being the only active knight at the moment.
Are there any atheistic anime characters, or they all are?

I just watched Cormac McCarthy's play "The Sunset Limited" on HBO.  Its a story about a white collar upper-class atheist who attempts to commit suicide and is prevented from doing so by a lower-class ex-con christian.  Spoiler Alert: the movie did not predictably end with the suicidal Mr. White converting to Christianity, instead he ran out to go off himself leaving Mr. Black wondering why God gave Mr. White the eloquent words to state his case but not to him.

The only complaints I had with this movie is that the atheist is portrayed as one with no positive outlook on the world and is morbidly gloomy throughout.  Although, this is expected of one who is suicidal, the religious overtones of the movie makes a strong connection between Mr. Whites atheism and his decision to kill himself.

Meanwhile, Mr. Black has reformed himself though his belief in God and wants to convert the world.  He is upbeat, remorseful, and empathetic despite living in a slum among crack-heads.

If you get the time, check the movie out.  The dialog is rich and colorful and worth the watch.


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