Atheism:The lie of the century Pt. 2

Atheism:The lie of the century Pt. 2

On January of  2011 the life of a man named mark Hunter was changed forever, the father of 3 who was a militant atheist never thought one day he would give his life to Jesus Christ. Mark who once distinguished  himself as an “avowed and fiercely proud atheist” is now spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. He described his journey from atheism to Christianity as “significant, dramatic and complete total life change.” I had the opportunity to interview Mark about his experience and this is what he had to say:

How long were you an atheist for?

I was a definite atheist throughout my entire adulthood from 1994 (aged 19) until early 2010. Before that I was an agnostic I guess because I never really declared my disbelief in God – I was just sitting on the fence – but was definitely leaning the wrong way from an early age.

Were you a Christian before you became an atheist?

No, sadly, I was never was a Christian.

What does being a Christian mean to you?

For me being a Christian means absolute purpose and absolute happiness. No longer am I wandering around this world aimlessly trying to satisfy my materialistic and personal desires. My life now is as a servant of Christ trying not just to share the word but to actually live the word. I’ve always been a good person, and that hasn’t changed since becoming a Christian, but the real difference is now I know where my future lies and I know what I must do.

When you were an atheist, did you ever think you could have been wrong about there not being a God?

No, not once, ever. I was so completely convinced of my “beliefs” as an atheist which were based upon (and confirmed by) a life of misery, pain and suffering. I’d always firmly assured myself that to know God was to literally feel his presence. Because I felt nothing at all therefore there must be no God. Looking back on it now I didn’t realise how right I actually was about feeling his presence but the problem was I was looking with my eyes closed. I was always expecting a neatly packaged, date stamped, undeniable proof of his existence. Atheists, unfortunately, will accept nothing less.

What were the circumstances that led you to leave atheism?

My life as an atheist had been literally founded upon successive layers of perceived failure, misery and depression. After all, if God had existed, why would my life be so awful? Many atheists assume that converts only turn to Christ when life suddenly collapses and the psychology cannot deal with the problem. For me, it was the complete reverse, as I had experienced a troubling and difficult childhood and adulthood. It was in fact, the first good thing to come into my life, that forced me to question everything. I had just exited an awful marriage from a closet lesbian which had been the final straw that broke the back of my disastrous life to that point. I was contemplating suicide and tentatively called out to God, asking him, if there was there to just show me a sign. Anything. A series of very strange and unlikely events began that lead me to meeting my new girlfriend (and future wife to be). This fantastic woman, a successful business woman, was not just logical, smart and rational person but also wonderfully caring and generous. She was positive, supportive and happy and nothing ever seemed to get her down. I was desperate to know her life secret after my own long life of struggle. When she revealed she was a Christian I was quietly stunned but fascinated in equal measure. I began asking questions here and there, which then turned into a floodgate, and the rest is well… you can probably guess the rest.

You are writing a book about your experience, correct? What exactly do you want people to get out of it?

I am writing one as we speak yes. I want to share my personal testimony with Christians and non believers alike. The book is particularly aimed at the non religious with a view, in simple terms, to explain how accepting Christ into their lives can be a positive thing – a force for good. I have outlined a simple series of very small steps to allow someone to make that first leap of faith. I’ve also set out to debunk a lot of atheist misconceptions about faith, organized religions and science. As a former atheist I think I have a unique insight into how they perceive all of these things. For Christians who read it I hope I can really inspire their faith furthermore by showing even someone like me can be saved and that it is worth the effort on their part. Never give up on even the most ardent non believer. Beneath it all they completely suppress the  real truth that they seek.

Speaking with atheists, I have noticed something very similar in their attitude, they always sound angry. Why is that?

I wrote a comment on my blog lately discussing this very topic. Atheists, like any belief system (and atheism is essentially a belief), are a varied group. I have met plenty of wonderful, friendly and empathic atheists who would do anything for anyone and I have also met some incredibly ignorant, hostile and brutal fundamentalist atheists. For me, the latter seems to form the majority nowadays, and they are gaining strength all the time it seems. For me, these fundamentalist atheists are the new lions surrounding us Christians in the coliseum, and no matter how vicious they are, or who they take from us, they will not ultimately prevail. Christianity has survived centuries of persecution and this is (and will be) simply the latest in a long line of such failed attacks. They get angry because they perceive our beliefs as illogical, irrational and without scientific merit and as such we are treated like stupid, undisciplined and ignorant children who it would appear following religion like blinded morons. Sadly their perception is completely and terribly wrong. I also think there is an element of self doubt that creeps in from time to time. I never engage to strongly with them because I was never open to it. The time will come when they naturally begin to question such a strong stance.

When you look back at how you used to insult God, what goes through your mind?

To be brutally honest I felt complete shame and disgust at myself. It took me weeks and weeks of fervent apologizing to God when i first converted before I felt sufficiently forgiven. Even now I still feel the tinge of remorse but its just a fleeting reminder which serves to fuel my faith ever more. I know he forgave me instantly but still I apologized overand over again.

What advice do you have to give to a Christian that is thinking about becoming an atheist? Is there anything you can tell them to stop them from making the same mistake you did?

Well, the biggest thing I think, is to trust in God. Make the leap of faith that you are probably already contemplating in doing and let him catch you. Seek forgiveness from God and accept Jesus as your personal saviour. Do this with absolute and total humility and honesty. Pray every day and literally throw yourself into the Bible – read it from start to finish – absorb yourself in it as if life itself depended on it. Life your life with purpose and fullness and submit to his will and his plan for you. My book is going to cover all of this in greater detail but this is it in a nutshell. God bless you all!

I would like to thank Mark for doing this interview!

Please support Mark by visiting his blog and by picking up his book when it comes out.

You can also follow him on twitter: @Atheist_Convert


Mark is not the first and will not be the last atheist to walk away from atheism, I believe that by the power of God many others will leave atheism once they find out that it’s built upon lies and deception. I asked ( @borofergie ) who happens to be an atheist, how can he be so sure there is no God. This is what he had to say:

No one can be 100% sure that there is no God, especially since there isn’t a single agreed definition of God. The term atheist does not refer to someone who is 100% certain that there are no gods, it simply describes someone that has reached the conclusion that the existence of such a “God” is highly unlikely.

He clearly states that atheists aren’t 100 percent sure there is no God and that atheism is simply the belief that the existence of God is unlikely. Ladies and gentlemen, need I say more? It’s clear that atheists do not know where they stand on their beliefs, atheism is built upon lies and it’s only a matter of time before all their lies are exposed. Atheists know that there is a God but they simply refuse to obey, which is why I stated on part one of my report that atheism is simply rebellion against God.

Thank you very much for reading my report, keep Mark in your prayers and ask God to give him strength as he embarks into his new journey with Jesus Christ. It won’t be an easy one but blessed are those who will endure till the end. God bless you all.

- Miss Raissa

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I'm an athiest. I've had a hard life. I persevere.

Yes.  That's it.  We don't pray.  We perservere.


What a killer quotable.  That should be new atheist battle cry.

I'm gonna use that in a tattoo design. Thanks for the quote, broham!!! ^__^
I really like this! Great quotes like this should always be repeated!
Uh, this is proof that atheism is a lie? Weak.
Why is it so hard to understand the differences between personal experiences and facts that are consistent. I can hear jesus stories all day. It would be like watching the Jersey shore marathon. No thank you. I still do not want to cross over to the nutty side just because you saw jesus on toast or a dog's ass. Has anyone seen that picture? Hilarious.
It is pretty funny. ha ha
Yes and I showed it to everyone. Religions or not. Atheists laughed, agnostics laughed, theists told me I was a hateful sinner... and they say atheists are always angry... go figure!

This guy was never an atheist. The questions asked are weak and striken with misconceptions. The answers are too long and crafted to actually be normal speach. He spews misconceptions and lies without any understanding of what atheism actually is. Atheism a belief system? Hah, just in the same way not collecting stamps is a hobby! Christian

Propaganda at its funnist.

I'm confused by the point from the author that Atheism is built on lies.  What lies?  I can't simply believe in a book which is cherry picked to suit, I can't believe mans version of God because mans own ignorance and limited mind set will always make up a version of God which suits their agenda and belief systems.  If there was ever a God, what is promoted on earth would be no-where near the truth so why are people pretending that a book written by over 90 people over 1,500 years happens to be the word of God? There are so many versions on earth too it's bewildering for any seeker as everyone says they know the answer!  Weirdly if you point out the irrational parts, you get met with the answer "that's not true, it's a metaphor for blah blah blah."  Great excuses and not much depth as they try and wiggle out of it.



I have watched people pray for help and nothing happened, they then made excuses as to why that happened.  I have seen time and time again people become disillusioned and hurt by the way religion glosses over reality with it's lies touted as truth.


if you are going to attack Atheism for spreading lies then it would be good to mention them wouldn't it?

I'm pretty sure this person is lying when they say they used to be an atheist. Believers really love to tout converts and with lack of them lately I'm pretty sure this person took it upon themselves to make one up. I wouldn't take her too seriously, nut jobs will come and go. It's the subtle and clearly very smart believers that worry me.

Here's a synopsis:


A Message to Christians.

1. Those people you hate are indeed evil.

2. You, on the other hand, are chosen by the Creator of the Universe and are Superior to everyone else.

3. Buy my book.

End of Story.


The thing is, when you market to Christians, all you have to do is make them feel superior and they'll buy it hook, line and sinker.  (Ala Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc.)



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