dont you guys think its a little close-minded to say there is absolutely positively beyond a doubt no god/sprititual entity in any sense? i am not religious but it seems to me that atheism could be compared to religion, in that atheists dogmaticly deny the existence of god/spirit/whatever.

just a thought..

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What doone is saying I think is that the easter bunny is obviously fictional to you. Just the way god is fictional to us. In no way does the easter bunny make sense. God isn't provable and neither is the easter bunny..but we all know one of those two isn't true and is accepted to be false in the world.. Why shouldn't the other one be the same way...Pretty much how we see it.
Sarcasm? HAHA (:
Sarcasm again? Oh, doone. You sarcastic monkey, you.
Oh, thought you were saying something like, "yeah thats what i meant don't point out the obvious" haha. Sorry (:
This is a frequent question, here on Think Atheist. It's been hashed out many times.

Atheists don't (necessarily) claim "there is absolutely positively beyond a doubt no god/sprititual entity in any sense". I, for one, concede that there is a remote but exceedingly small possibility that God might exist. However, I do completely rule out the possibility that this God is a personal God (i.e. a revealed, Abrahamic, God). Give me a break. The only God consistent with human reality is a Cosmic Creator who has no interest in his own creation.

Perhaps He's moved on to an infinitude of other universes.
NOT F***ing again.

(1) the claim, "a god exists", has no whatsoever droplet of solid, factual evidence.
(2) there are counter-arguments that contradicts the claim, "a god exists", and has profoundly a mountain of evidence supporting it.
(3) If there is a profound mountain of evidence that contradicts the claim, "a god exists", then the opposite claim MUST be true;
(4) GOD DOES NOT EXIST is true.
If people in the Philippines who eat dogs are dogmatic, what do you call people in Detroit who eat cars? Any MENSAN reading this? You don/t need to be. Tell you in the morrow.

Car-ismatic I guess.

And people in the Philippines who eat dogs are not 'dogmatic', they're called poor people with nothing to eat. A tribe in Sudan who eats their "ancestral" pet dogs ARE dogmatic. ;-)
So you think Santa Claus is a possibility and atheists are close-minded to be certain there is no Santa, sheesh! LOL
absolutely positively beyond a doubt no god/sprititual entity in any sense?
That's not the view of most atheists. There is no way to disprove the existence of a god... so to be 100% sure that there is no god is impossible. However... the atheist usually takes the view of the simple skeptic... i.e..... "I won't believe it until you give me a reason to believe. The position of a skeptic is the default position, not the other way around. A person who believes a proposition with no evidence is either gullible, or fooling themselves.... but saying "I believe that God is not real" is different from saying "I don't believe in God." The first is an unsupported positive proposition... the second is a statement of suspending acceptance of a belief in god until a reason to believe that satisfies shows up.

Perhaps I explain this better in my video...
Look at you, superstar! You are entertaining and vivacious!


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