Now that I'm an atheist, I need some new vocabulary.  "Oh my God!", "Good Lord!", Jesus Christ!", and "God damn it" all have to go.  What can I replace these God-isms with except for Atheism-isms - but which ones?  What else to say instead?  There ought to be a hand-book or something... let's make one.  And let's have fun (I hope) doing it.

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Bender for the win!
For humor... I would try Spongebob cursing... lol
"Barnacles!" [a nice way of saying shit] "Neptune's Trousers!" [replace OMG] "Fish Paste!" [shit again] "Tartar Sauce!" [shit again] "Great Barrier Reef!" [OMG] "What in the Name of Davy Jones Locker?!" [WTH]


Or you can use the extensive array of  Captain Archibald Haddock's expletives(from Tintin). More listed here -


I'm Austrian and I started replacing the (back then most) common greeting "Grüß Gott" (Greet God) in my late teens with the more universal "Guten Tag" (Good day). Iirc, my initial reasoning was something like I can't force anyone to greet someone/an entity.

The exclamation of surprise "Oh Gott" was soon replaced by "Fuck", due to my love of the English language, which I try to use as much as possible - the versatility of fuck is so awesome which reminds me of this. Old but good.
Oops! I guess I didn't read all the comments!
I say them anyway. So what. I like holy shit, too. That's kind of religious.
Instead of Oh God! during climax you could say "Oh my Omega" or "Oh my Omega & Alpha!", or just exclaim the appropriate number "Oh, 10, 10!". Or even yelling out your favorite atheist's name "Oh my Dawkins!" or "Oh my Hawking!".
Try the sites or for possible substitutions. Finding and reusing older expressions can be fun. I particularly like "peckerhead". Or try coming up with a new combination of words like "suffering sucubus" or something from sci-fi shows/movies/books. I like calling someone a "damn cake sniffer". It takes them aback.
BSOD! or SegFaults! or FSCK!!!
"Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!"  Old school = coolest school. XD

Just invoke atheist names. "For the love of Sagan, will you get OFF the Ingersolling cell phone!? Don't make me go Hitchens on your ass. And clean up all this Shermer you leave all over the place."



Great googly moogly - my mothers favorite

Jesus titty fucking christ

Hokey spoons!! - not sure where I heard that one.

Oh "your' god!! - Futurama


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