This post is for those of you who follow any sport with passion... and also anyone else who's interested.
So I'm a football fanatic... Soccer. not the American football. Now there is something I have been wondering for quite a while now and I'll explain this through a personal point of view and then draw parallels with religion.

I am a die hard Leo Messi fan, who is basically the footballing equivalent of Lebron James or Kobe. Basically a lot of us think he's the best. But a lot of others think Christiano Ronaldo is the best. So its pretty much an active online war. Football fanaticism goes on in the world all the time. In fact people have actually fought a war over it.

Now no one shoved Messi fanaticism down my throat. No one said believe in Messi otherwise you will burn in hell. I am not even trying to feel a part of the larger group of Messi lovers. YET... Yet when someone says Messi is shit(someone almost always does :P) I feel deeply offended... And then the fight begins. A lot of you will be able to relate if you're die hard fans of some sport/team/athlete. 

Now I know religious fanaticism has a lot of different theories as possible causes. What i can't figure out is this. Are the exact psychological causes that make me feel this way towards football the same as what Religious people feel towards their religion? If so then why do we have these behavioral patterns? Is there a more deeply integral part of our minds that directly lead us to put faith in something that is larger us?

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Whether soccer, football, baseball, or any other sports....or religion for that matter, ... the so called "fanatics" will adhere to IT no matter what, and there will be others to challenge that!  This has been a human evolution since the beginning of society and civilizations.  "Someone" will ALWAYS come up with different ideas and beliefs.  This is human nature, and being a human, it is so unequivocally mesmerizing and shameful....

And, ... yes both soccer and religion tend to pull people together to arouse that intense emotional fervor.....BUT  religion has a basis for creation of humanity by higher Being that is much more than any art, science/technology, music, or sports could muster.  Remember!  The bond between creation and existence of human beings are so intricately strong that not even science can "release their grips on faith and devotion".  

At least,... we can conclude who is better player between Lebron and Kobe....or, Messi and simply putting up a match.  But, guess what?   With religion, it doesn't work that way.  Why?  ....because the emphasis does not rely on the "physicality" aspect.  What's more important is its everlasting and unwavering devotion, known as FAITH~~~

Sports fans really mostly care about the social aspects of hanging out with other fans, getting drunk and partying. This is why there are so many sports bars.


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