I have recently been pondering on a question that occurred to me the other day when I was in hospital. Are atheist more or less likely to participate in reckless behavior. 

The reason I ask is because I know I've participated in a lot more 'risky' behavior than some of my religious friends. And I mean every type of recklessness, from 'Jackass' like stunt activities, sexual behavior, drug experimentation, etc. (To clarify I don't mean these apply to myself). And also just being more willing to participate in certain activities, like going out instead of staying in and watching a film, the simple things! 

Personally, I know I have been a lot more willing to participate in 'risky' behavior since I know I am only here once, and I'm damn sure when I'm lying on my death bed, I won't be wishing I had done this or that, even if sometimes it's to my own demise (I'm currently typing with one hand as I broke my hand last week and have fractured/broken 15 bones in total). 

Along with your opinions, I'd love to hear some of the 'crazier' stories you've got! 

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How about Christians? What could be more reckless than betting one's entire afterlife on just one of the myriad gods to choose from? As for me, I've done a lot of whitewater in my life, but I'm sure most of the other folks I was boating with were Christian.

After years of teaching Bible studies, I'm pretty sure there's an underlying notion among many of the religious they they don't need to take care of their bodies through a healthy diet and exercise because this life is only temporary.  Now that I'm an Atheist, I do have a stronger compulsion to live a healthy lifestyle, for what it's worth.

I am a very cautious person, i wouldn't use anything like drugs, nor get involved into a criminal action.

I don't practice any sports. But it woudl be cool to jump from a plane and fall with a parachute

Or without a chute for the most exciting 45 seconds of your life.

Actually, it seems more likely to believe that we, who believe we have only one life, would do what we can to preserve it for as long as we can. I can't honestly say I've always followed that directive.

On the other hand - which would appear to be the only one you have left that is functioning - I believe that doing something that breaks 15 bones in the name of atheism, falls under the psychologically technical term of, "nuts"!

It seems that if one has only one life to live, live it to the fullest. Though even a theist must wonder if there's much excitement in heaven. Skydiving? BASE jumping? Whitewater? Stock car racing?


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