I have recently been pondering on a question that occurred to me the other day when I was in hospital. Are atheist more or less likely to participate in reckless behavior. 

The reason I ask is because I know I've participated in a lot more 'risky' behavior than some of my religious friends. And I mean every type of recklessness, from 'Jackass' like stunt activities, sexual behavior, drug experimentation, etc. (To clarify I don't mean these apply to myself). And also just being more willing to participate in certain activities, like going out instead of staying in and watching a film, the simple things! 

Personally, I know I have been a lot more willing to participate in 'risky' behavior since I know I am only here once, and I'm damn sure when I'm lying on my death bed, I won't be wishing I had done this or that, even if sometimes it's to my own demise (I'm currently typing with one hand as I broke my hand last week and have fractured/broken 15 bones in total). 

Along with your opinions, I'd love to hear some of the 'crazier' stories you've got! 

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If there is one thing i've learned about 'what Atheists do? It's a huuuuuge assumption on the part of the accuser Atheists have only 1 thing in common NO 2 Atheists are in any other way alike so I think it's an unanswerable question , I'll leave those questions to the god botherer following sheeples seems more their forte to group themselves into what they do and don't do, should and shouldn't do, ought ought ....pfffttt....

I'm damn sure when I'm lying on my death bed, I won't be wishing I had done this or that

Or two months from now you may be lying on your death bed wishing you hadn't done this or that. It's incomprehensible to you because you are young. I ignored a weather report and ventured out into the ocean in a skiff. When the outboard motor went underwater I was imagining the newspaper article about my death.

I'm not that young and trust me it's far from incomprehensible. And I don't mean 100% reckless behavior that puts your life in danger. I mean trying new things in general, be it food or an activity, etc. Also glad you survived! 

Nah it all depends on the individuals themselves 

My religious nutjob cousins should all be dead 3 times over from the crazy stuff they did.  My closes friends are atheists and are not even remotely adventurous.  Maybe it comes down to stupid/smart.

I think you are right.  It is not a matter of theist/atheist.  It is about being dumb/smart

My mother thinks I'm a risk taker, just because I went to India this past summer. You know, the men there are dogs, and everyone tries to con you there. I have tried a drug. I've also dated a crazy woman. That's about as risky as I get.

life long atheist here, and no I do not think it makes you a risk taker. I wonder if you are more of an endorphin or adrenalin addict than a risk taker from your description. I do not engage in risky sports or activities as i have four children who need to know I am coming home to look after them. 

I personally think that as we get older its our bodies that tend to make us more conservative about risk taking. When we are young and spry we tend to take on more risks, since we feel more immune to the aches and pains of failures. As a true Dutchman I do ride my bike (motorized or not) and in Canada that is taking a risk! LOL!

lol why is that?

I've never tried a drug, never tried to smoke, don't enjoy drinking in the least, and try to avoid situations in which I might be fatally injured. I pretty much suck. I like guns, does that count?

Probably the most risky thing I've done was open my mind, discard my old belief system, and become an atheist.

The decision to take calculated risk is much different than doing 'stupid shit.' If your standing on a cliff looking at the water below and someone says go for it (jump) what is the first thing that should cross your mind: No one else has jumped in yet and is that water more than 12 inches deep?

I take a calculated risk every time I jump on one of my motosickles and push it through the tight twisties of the Ozark Mountains. There is a lot that could go wrong but the risk is worth the adrenaline rush to me in particular. Some would rather push a gamestick controller and get a rush. To each his own and religion has nothing to do or say about it.

P.S. I always tell my wife that if she gets a call from the coroner's office to always remember I went out doing what brought a thrill. I hope the buzzards enjoy the deer. hahahaha


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