Most if not all theists believe atheism to be a choice. To them it is something you can choose to accept or reject. Therefore, to the typical theist, if you become an atheist, you have chosen to be one. If you leave atheism, then you have chosen to leave it. While this second argument is most likely true. The person who decides to abandon atheism for theism has most likely made a choice. The person who becomes a theist has usually made a choice. [except in the case of young children raised as theists, who are almost always too young to make this choice.] However, is it true that a theist who converts [or more accurately "deconverts"] to atheism, really chosen to be an atheist? I don't think so.


For me, I certainly did not have a choice in becoming an atheist.

Although I am now quite happy as an atheist... when I first lost my faith, I wanted SOO BADLY to go back to it.

Being raised as a typical theist, I held the erronious belief that if I simply went to church and prayed hard enough, then Jesus would answer me and turn me back to him and away from my sin of "rejecting him." - Amazingly, I was so badly brainwashed at this time, that I didn't realize that I didn't choose to become an atheist, that it just happened, I thought that "I was being sinful and turning away from God, or God was "testing me."

So... I went to church and prayed, and begged, and sang praises, and through my heart and "soul" into trying desperately to find my way back to Jesus.

Certainly I tried hard enough, but the "light of God" never touched me, I was outcast.


So, does one "choose" atheism...

I doubt it.

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Atheism isn't a religion so how does one convert to it?
regardless of what word you use, there is a change in belief, the word used is irrelevant.
no it isn't. The correct term is deconversion from Christianity not as you so foolishly believe the truth.
The word does not change the intent of the statement making it irrelevant.
You can believe whatever you want but the fact remains that atheism is not a religion and nothing one can convert to. One can convert to a religious belief. Convert between religious beliefs or can deconvert. But you can redefine atheism to fit your narrow minded belief if you choose. I am through arguing with you because a faith based belief as yours is can't be changed.
I accept that fact, i did not use the right word, and i do thank you that you taught me the the right word, (not sarcasm) i am simply saying that you shouldn't focus on that word but what i am trying to say.
I can choose to lie to myself, but I can hardly choose to believe that lie.
well, when lying to your self, you can choose to totally block out that fact, and isnt that choosing to believe it because if the truth is blocked out you cant believe it, so the only thing left to believe is the lie left.
No, I can't choose to block out that I am lying to myself. I am familiar with how delusion works from both a subjective and objective standpoint. And one can not consciously decide to choose their delusions in that manner.
Well that just shows that you are smart enough and have a strong enough mind to face the truth.
I have personally talked to people who say "I cant live in a world so cold" even "i cant accept that people who rape and murder and aren't punished in the end." Here they realize the thought that they wont be punished but choose to think that they will because they need that form of justice/karma.
The fact is that some people are just so weak and so dependent that they must rely on some sort of higher being. Some people have heard the arguments of an atheist and simply choose not to believe it.
Delusion usually manifests itself out of need, so in that I can agree with you. One who has an aversion to chaos and disorder will find comfort in ID or religion. Someone who craves attention will be deluded with the vain belief that they matter more than others. There is a whole spectrum of delusions from harmful to harmless.

But maybe I need to narrow down what I mean. People can not choose to be deluded about any random belief; they must have motivation. Parents of autistic kids often have a drive to find blame for their child's condition and have motivation to believe the anti-vaccination crowd over their doctors and medical science. But they can not typically choose to believe that the Autistic Elephant Fairy visits kids in the middle of the night and bestows that condition upon their child.
haha agreed


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