Eventually there comes a time when we as rational adults have to give up some things in the face of logic.
Religion is probably the biggest hurdle.
Besides giving up the belief in a nostalgic paradise after death, there are a ton of other modes of thought we have to let go of.
Here is a list of the things I miss believing in:

Karma- The world isn't fair. Bad things happen to good people, and vice versa. The idea that the dickheads of existence would eventually get what's coming to them had always been a comfort to me. Call it hell, karma, justice or whatever, the fact of the matter is that humans are imperfect, so is our system of fairness. Our laws and punishments don't work 100% of the time. Nature itself is only fair in such a broad way, it does little to appease the individual situations that I am forced to witness. I want people to be held accountable, damnit! Letting go of that notion was hard for me.

Ghosts/ESP/Astrology/Whatever- Right, not so much the astrology for me personally, but I have always been in love with the supernatural. In fact, I do still cling on to this notion more than any self respecting atheist should. Evidence points to the conclusion that there is no "beyond the veil" but I just like to think that there are energies/dimensions/again, whatever out there that science hasn't discovered the technology to explore yet, let alone explain. As I said. I LIKE to think that. I'm not saying I do (anywhere but in the secret fantasies of my own overly imaginative brain.) All technology is magic to anyone sufficiently ignorant to it's workings. Hell, my iphone could be a wizard's wand for all I know....right? Anyway. I mourn the ghost stories of my childhood. I have to realize that frightening coincidences are just that. Coincidence.

Friends and Family- While this isn't a system of belief so much as it is a real, physical loss, I have to realize that there are some people out there that cannot accept my lack of faith. These people have systematically cut me from their lives. It was probably the most humane thing to do, in all honesty. I know there are certain right-wing god-fearing women out there that I love but can no longer stand the presence of due to the drastic differences in our ideology. :(

Someone looking out for me- Religion teaches you that there is always someone that loves you, and there is always some master plan. Even if things are bad now, they will be better soon, and all problems will be magically resolved as long as you keep the faith. As much bullshit as it is, the feeling that I don't have too much responsibilities for my failures was always a nice one. Especially now when I'm underemployed. Oh what I'd give to be able to sleep at night knowing that god doesn't close a window without opening a door.

Ultimate enlightenment- Even as a child, the concept of heaven sounded flimsy to me. It was.. well.. boring. But learning all the answers to the questions I accumulated was the one thing that made it ok to die. Oh... that and pet heaven. I am far too curious to sit on a fluffy cloud and play the harp, but I would like to know EVERYTHING that has always bugged me.

So that's my list. I'm sure I'll think of more later on.
You guys tell me about the things you miss now!

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Yeah Mario: I think what gave it away was the practicing of Voodoo but telling me to be a good boy and go to the Catholic Church to worship god........ It's all bullshit.... trust me (laughing)
Voodoo is the love child of African paganism and Christianity. As if the Catholic Church wasn't evil enough.
And what they say about Catholic guilt is true. Half of my family tree is Filipino. That stupid shit almost destroyed my brain. I didn't need that crap on top of my depression, so I told God and the Catholic Church to take a hike.
I would really, really miss think atheist if I missed it even one week!

Yeah, I'd also miss my family of four adult children who refuse to get beyond their childish sibling rivalries. They also prove to me there is no god.

I'd also miss those people I love who are delusional... too far-removed from reality... to even communicate logically with anymore, and not just about religion, but about everything else.

I'd miss my dogs who are atheists like me. Dogs Love. We believe in dogs.
I'd miss my dogs who are atheists like me. Dogs Love. We believe in dogs.

I can't speak to what delusions dogs may possess, but it doesn't appear that a belief in god is among them!

I miss the feeling of being able to openly discuss my beliefs without someone arguing with me.
Amen! Even when I was younger and espousing a bizarre mix of Transcendental-karmic-deism (even though I did not realize that was what it was at the time), I still did not receive the outright horror and fierce revulsion that an expression of atheism garners. No matter how crazy or esoteric a belief system may be, people are still generally tolerant as long as you believe in something. I know what you mean about missing that freedom to openly discuss ideas; now that I base my ideas upon logic, reason, and evidence instead of just fantasized beliefs, people seem to have no tolerance.
The big thing I always miss is the comfort of believing in an afterlife. I always had some pretty liberal ideas about Heaven -- I didn't think any of the pictures people made up of it could be accurate, and I believed that animals went there too. I still believe that people and animals go to the same place when they die. That would be underground or burned and then back to our constituent molecules. ;)

My mother has just told me that our old kitty has oral cancer, and from what I've read this kind of cancer will do its work pretty quickly. The cat will no longer be in pain, which is good, although if it gets worse my mother will have him put down before he's really suffering, probably as soon as she and the vet understand that the cancer is not responding to treatment.

There's nothing comforting to think about with respect to death, like being able to be together again someday, or being reincarnated. I didn't really realize until now how much I'd come to need that comfort, but there's a great big hole there. I suppose being reincarnated, since most religions that believe in it don't actually believe in the continuation of the consciousness or self, is rather like going back to dust. What you were becomes part of the world again.
My Great Uncle.. Harold M. Sherman was one of the foremost lay-authorities on psychic research and phenomena. He wrote many books on the subject and knew many of the movers and shakers in the field.

I grew up believing in 'possibilities' and had my own experiences... but as I grew older continued research and study began to answer the questions once answered by the supernatural.

Explanations from neurological research for personal experiences. Scientists such as V.S. Ramachandran. Michael Persinger, Andrew Newberg, Studies with buddhist monks and christian nuns, have gone a ways towards answering Many of these things.

But having said that...

I miss believing in ultimate spiritual union with the ONE spirit that is ALL of us. I have not given up on the idea that the human race may one day reach a type of 'gestault'... The internet could be an early mechanism for such a union.

I really miss believing that my inner experiences were real trips through real planes of existence. I realize now that it can still be interpreted as a 'spiritual' journey.... but a non-supernatural one through the personal subjective experience and feedback loops we call 'self'. I still think self-introspection CAN have positive applications.

More than anything I miss the idea that I could once again meet my loved ones that have died before me...and not just my loved ones but all the famous people throughout history.
My Great Uncle.. Harold M. Sherman was one of the foremost lay-authorities on psychic research and phenomena.

No shit?
Yes.. no shit!. My great uncle was a psychic... My grandfather was a mystic... My father was a minister... and I am a skeptic.


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