Eventually there comes a time when we as rational adults have to give up some things in the face of logic.
Religion is probably the biggest hurdle.
Besides giving up the belief in a nostalgic paradise after death, there are a ton of other modes of thought we have to let go of.
Here is a list of the things I miss believing in:

Karma- The world isn't fair. Bad things happen to good people, and vice versa. The idea that the dickheads of existence would eventually get what's coming to them had always been a comfort to me. Call it hell, karma, justice or whatever, the fact of the matter is that humans are imperfect, so is our system of fairness. Our laws and punishments don't work 100% of the time. Nature itself is only fair in such a broad way, it does little to appease the individual situations that I am forced to witness. I want people to be held accountable, damnit! Letting go of that notion was hard for me.

Ghosts/ESP/Astrology/Whatever- Right, not so much the astrology for me personally, but I have always been in love with the supernatural. In fact, I do still cling on to this notion more than any self respecting atheist should. Evidence points to the conclusion that there is no "beyond the veil" but I just like to think that there are energies/dimensions/again, whatever out there that science hasn't discovered the technology to explore yet, let alone explain. As I said. I LIKE to think that. I'm not saying I do (anywhere but in the secret fantasies of my own overly imaginative brain.) All technology is magic to anyone sufficiently ignorant to it's workings. Hell, my iphone could be a wizard's wand for all I know....right? Anyway. I mourn the ghost stories of my childhood. I have to realize that frightening coincidences are just that. Coincidence.

Friends and Family- While this isn't a system of belief so much as it is a real, physical loss, I have to realize that there are some people out there that cannot accept my lack of faith. These people have systematically cut me from their lives. It was probably the most humane thing to do, in all honesty. I know there are certain right-wing god-fearing women out there that I love but can no longer stand the presence of due to the drastic differences in our ideology. :(

Someone looking out for me- Religion teaches you that there is always someone that loves you, and there is always some master plan. Even if things are bad now, they will be better soon, and all problems will be magically resolved as long as you keep the faith. As much bullshit as it is, the feeling that I don't have too much responsibilities for my failures was always a nice one. Especially now when I'm underemployed. Oh what I'd give to be able to sleep at night knowing that god doesn't close a window without opening a door.

Ultimate enlightenment- Even as a child, the concept of heaven sounded flimsy to me. It was.. well.. boring. But learning all the answers to the questions I accumulated was the one thing that made it ok to die. Oh... that and pet heaven. I am far too curious to sit on a fluffy cloud and play the harp, but I would like to know EVERYTHING that has always bugged me.

So that's my list. I'm sure I'll think of more later on.
You guys tell me about the things you miss now!

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I'm not sure I miss any of those things except for astrology, it's fun! And a lot of my friends always read their prediction for the week in magazines and get all excited about it, so I feel bad thinking it's so stupid when a large number of my good friends are doing it, even though they're "just doing it for fun" they blatantly believe in it a little. I sometimes wish I did, too.

I also miss not having to explain myself to everyone if they ask what my religion is. I have been an atheist since I was very little, but I kind of pretended to be religious for a really long time, it's that pretending I'm referring to here.
I haven't given up my interest in the supernatural. I still believe just as I always have that there is more to the universe than we know or CAN know (at least in the near future). "Supernatural" is just a silly word for the things we don't understand YET. A century ago, my cell phone would've been considered "supernatural." There isn't really any such thing as "supernatural" there is merely natural phenomena that we don't understand yet. I've had personal experiences that prevent me from saying "I don't believe in ghosts." But at the same time, I'm not going to say that I DO believe in ghosts, because I have no evidence. Instead, I believe that my own "supernatural" experiences can be explained rationally and scientifically. Maybe not YET, but that doesn't mean there isn't an explanation and it doesn't mean there's anything "supernatural" about it.

Magic is just science that we don't understand. :)
Be careful. Last time I said publicly on here that I think ghosts could possibly exist and admitted to watching and enjoying shows like Ghost Hunters (and now Ghost Lab on Discovery Channel) I got raked over the coals by quite a few people. It was really quite an eye-opening experience for me.
In fact, SabreNation died from the injuries received from the coal raking and now posts from beyond the grave.

Well I get so few opportunities to check up and post on T|A these days that almost might as well be true. How go's it Reggie?
Yes, you have been ghostly of late. What has kept you so busy? I mean, besides being dead.
A promotion at work. I used to check on T|A a lot at while I was at work. We recently took in a new campaign there , I was placed in charge of the whole thing (an inbound customer service campaign of approx. 4 supervisors, 2 team leaders, and ~100 phone reps) which left me with little time to goof off on the web at work. Since our call center was hit hard by the recession (it basically put our #1 client out of business) and this campaign was basically our last gasp it leaves no room to screw up and commands 100% of my attention at all times while I'm at work.

Since I can't check up on T|A at work anymore that leaves home - and with 2 kids and a 50+ hour work week, that's not much time at all.
Yikes! A victim of circumstances, it seems.
Congrats on the promotion!

And it is harder to check up on T|A at home, where there are all those distractions and chores to do...
I'm very sorry to hear that, SabreNation! Not surprised, of course, but very sorry.
Hehe, well like I said, it wouldn't be accurate to say that I "believe in ghosts" just that I don't discount the possibility and that I feel the existence of any "ghosts" can be explained scientifically.
Same here. You summed up my thoughts pretty much perfectly. While I wouldn't go so far as to say I believe in ghosts, I don't necessarily disbelieve either. I think it's entirely possible that there could be some form of phenomena that science can't yet explain or understand. I, personally, find it very arrogant of humans to think we possess such a vast knowledge of the universe as to think anything our scientists can't explain immediately isn't real or true.

Maybe there's something to it, maybe there isn't. Who knows. I don't think disavowing any knowledge or belief is a prerequisite of being an atheist - or rational thinker for that matter. There's plenty of evidence of ghosts that can be easily explained away by rational thought (so-called "orbs", shadowplay, barely audible - nevermind understandable - "EVPs", etc) but there is also a lot of things that aren't so easily explained away - "class A" (i.e. clear and understandable) EVPs and thoroughly (independently) tested, unaltered video evidence.

Maybe one day we'll have an explanation for these kinds of things or someone will prove them to be false. Until that day comes they're entirely possible and it's fun to share in the suspense of the hunt.


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