* a belief

* centralised

* dogmatic

* ritualised

* purposeful

...so atheists shouldn't be

* dependent

* in agreement

* following any rules

* repetitive

* aiming towards a goal

* nor should they preach


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Hi Sarah

My post wasn't intended to be prescriptive. I put "discuss" at the bottom which is a common open exam question structure in the UK.  What I meant was that I stated a proposition and would like to know what others think.  I'm new to the site and had seen some things that I thought were rather odd as I have personal views on atheism...and I'm fairly anti-theist...though clearly not on a personal level and I don't think I have any need to display bumper stickers or get atheist tattoos, or worship at some church of atheism...that's all rather weird to me. It's like replacing religion with non-religion....still retaining dogma, albeit non-religious dogma, etc.  Goals..sure...we hopefully all work towards goals but I meant not in context as an atheist.  My goals are independent of my atheism.  My atheism is simply a lack of belief.  I don't think that there is a purpose of atheism to be nice or supportive of other people, surely I should do this whether atheistically or not. I guess if people need to belong to an atheist group, then maybe I'm atheist but also aatheist.  Saying that I am on here to see other people's views, comprehend (and hopefully remember) good argument positions and responses.

Oh ok yes I see now what you mean...I was at the gas station and I saw this truck which looked to me to be that of a huge red neck hillbilly type.  He literally had at least 25 bumper stickers covering his beat up old truck and each one was about Jesus or something, "Jesus Saves"  "I walk with the Lord"  Give glory To God" etc etc I wanted to take a marker to the one that said, "Jesus Saves" and write at Walmart in behind it. 

Church of atheism is for sure an oxymoron.  Have you really heard of that?

I now understand what you meant I agree with you for sure.  Some atheists are just as much fundamentalist about their non-belief as theists are about theirs.  I am not a person who pickets in the streets for pro choice, or pickets schools about separation of church and state (American) or hangs signs in my window that say Good doesn't mean God or anything either, but if I see a funny pic like that I will post it on Facebook. 

I don't ridicule the religious just as I do not want to be ridiculed by them.  I obviously also belong to this group but the reason for that is not to postulate really, but more just to have a voice and speak what I think without hatred, or ignorance being foisted upon me by those who would disagree.  

Some atheists are just as much fundamentalist about their non-belief as theists are about theirs. 

How so, Sarah? The world is choked with religious fundamentalists who will brook no argument and proudly insist they will never change their minds no matter what anyone ever says.

But where have you encountered obstinate atheists who rigidly cling to dogma and refuse to reexamine their convictions? I've never heard of any such atheists, let alone encountered them personally.  

I have read many stories of Atheists who hold picket signs about separation of church and state and taking "In God we trust" off the money and so on and who are very vigilant and unbending,  and who also feel it necessary to go into religious chat rooms and speak very rudely to the religious criticizing constantly....I'm not saying the majority by any means but there are atheists like that especially those atheists who believe strongly what an atheist should and should not be. 

I think you are talking at  cross purposes here; GM is talking about holding a dogma while SJH is talking about being militant.  And I agree with the points both of you are making, but I do believe GM is using the word "fundamentalist" more correctly.

Oh - they're out there GM - I feel like that sometime myself, but on the other hand I rest assured there is no argument at present (as there's no evidence), that there is no valid argument for the existence of any god.

I don't know how I possibly managed to actually create my own rules seeing as I'm an Atheist with no rules let alone morals "according to the fundys" But some how I popped these too out and have lived by them and raised my kids with them

1.Be Kind

2. Learn lots

If it's not kind or your not learning from it you probably shouldn't be doing it...

Don't get me wrong they are not Atheist rules they are my rules and I happen to be an Atheist :)


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