* a belief

* centralised

* dogmatic

* ritualised

* purposeful

...so atheists shouldn't be

* dependent

* in agreement

* following any rules

* repetitive

* aiming towards a goal

* nor should they preach


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*in agreement                    I'm sure that Unseen and I are delighted that this one exists, chuckles

*dependent                       OK, check that box too

*following any rules           So that's what I'll tell the nice policeman next time....

*repetitive                          Clearly you haven't met my (atheist) mum

*aiming towards a goal       Why not?  What have goals and atheism got in common?

*nor should they preach     Fair enough, although isn't this post a bit.... instructive? *smiles

Ah-ha...I have always been atheist but my renewed interest was when a young woman stood at the bar and said "I'm an atheist".  The music stopped and every villager there turned and smiled...

Being a Londoner, it was always the default, but out in the sticks things are different.  Chatting to her later she thought that almost no-one was atheist.

I just thought it weird that she was "actively" atheistic...prepared to preach, oppose...etc.

...what goal?

...I'm allowed to be contentious to summon response, but if there is no central dogma, what are you preaching? ...negativity? nihilism?  these are often the core of theist attacks on atheism...hardly considered but a point maybe made...

Ah, you mean a spiritual goal.  I'm on board with that. You'd think, listening to some of the Christians here in the US, that their goal was to get to heaven.  All Christians go to heaven, by the way.  This makes any alternative sound preferable.

My thoughts to them are, go! go to heaven and go there fast.  Right now would be a good time.

That woman would sound weird in a London pub, I'd agree.  But here in the Land of Labels, she might be called an Antitheist (when she wasn't busy being called a Muslim and a Satanist)  I kid you not, I watched a clip of a TV interview with Romney voters during a Romney Rally, and a reasonably well presented elderly woman was adamant about describing Obama as "a foreigner, a Muslim and an atheist".  The interviewer said, "Muslim AND atheist? Are you sure?".  Apparently she was, and repeated it emphatically, several times.

I couldn't wrap my head around a Muslim atheist! I still can't :)

You must not have ever been to Turkey, then.  When I was there, I had so many people tell me that they are atheists, but then in the next breath they'd tell me that I need to read the Koran because it holds the truth of the universe, and everything was "Inshallah" this and that.  It was the strangest thing.  But I guess it's similar to going to England where no one really believes in God, but everyone's Anglican.  *shrug*

Well they may have meant secular, as a nation.  Turkey supposedly is, though the population is mostly Muslim.

I'm not sure why you think the English are all Anglican.  At most 30% or so of the people I know are religious in any way, and not all christian. 

Gee whiz Crissy talk about indoctrination!!!!!!! WTH

of course, what I mean is tha\t as there is no core belief system, what can you preach...didn't make that clear - irony noted madam ;-)

Nice! Nabbing that, thanks!

Fantastic! nicking that me old china!



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