* a belief

* centralised

* dogmatic

* ritualised

* purposeful

...so atheists shouldn't be

* dependent

* in agreement

* following any rules

* repetitive

* aiming towards a goal

* nor should they preach


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* following any rules: well there is at least one "rule".

..and that is?

no running in the hallway

The scar on my forehead indicates that running in the hallway did, indeed, take place.
The scar on my forehead also indicates that said running in the hallway was, indeed, a mistake.

The rule stands.

But it's OK poolside?

So basically...atheism isn't really and ism at all.  Agreed.  However, that doesn't mean that atheists are completely devoid of isms.  They can follow other isms, such as naturalism or skepticism or secularism, and they may even feel that these isms align well with the world view that there is no god.  They may even take it a step further and feel that the lack of a belief in a god is an important component or part of these other isms.

Absolutely - so a community of atheists, drawn together by lack of belief or even stating oneself to be "an atheist", thereby setting oneself as part of a crowd seems incongruous to me in addition to any symbolism or any core belief. 

Atheism is love

Perfect counter to when theists say "God is love"

Hehe - I take that as ironic.  I certainly don't love everyone else.  There's a few people I'd admit to hating but apathetic in my feelings toward most people on the planet, who are strangers.

I guess I don't agree with the argument that atheism isn't a belief. Yes, it is a lack of belief there are/is a gods/god. But, if you change the sentence around, you can also say you believe there are no gods. Is this not true? Do you not also believe there are no gods while simultaneously lacking a belief in their existence?

@Cara Coleen

I'm glad you disagree.  I disagree with you though also; the sentence is not equivalent in both directions.

An analogy is if I have £7.50 and someone makes that up to £10 for me, I have gained 33.3% of what I had.  If I then spend 33.3% of what I have but I now only have £6.66. 

...Perhaps a better way to point out the incongruity of your superfically "obvious" statement is that a lack of belief cannot be referred to as  a "belief", or a belief in nothing cannot be a belief, like zero is not a "value", it is the absence of a value.


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