I work at a grocery store. a lady came up to me and told me I looked familiar and she said, "I know I've seen you at (name of her church.)" I said I had never heard of the church and she asked me if I'd like to come, I said, "No maam, I'm an atheist." She looked at me, horrified, and left. a while later my manager came and said a woman had complained that I had insulted her church. I was dumbfounded, and told him what happened. He said, "well from now on, keep your opinions to yourself."

Whaaat??? What should I have done? what would you have done?


Is it not okay for me to be open about my atheism?


I was on the closet all my life until college. Now I am out in the open and I don't hide it anymore. Why should I?


(also sorry if this is in the wrong forum.)

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That's not really comparable.  Religious affiliation is directly related to church attendance.  Being a creationist is not directly related to going to the museum, unless perhaps it's a museum of natural history with a focus on evolution.  

Many people would answer 'No thanks; I'm not really into museums."  That's a more analogous response to the original scenario.

I agree with the first poster. I am a militant Atheist telling you that saying it like that is as annoying as if I asked someone to go with me to a museum and they said "No. I'm a creationist." I'm not asking them their religious affiliation, only if they're interested in going somewhere. You should have said "No thanks." And left it at that, and if they pursued "Why not?", interject carefully that you don't think that's their business. In casual settings it isn't as important and that situation may have been just as fine as "No thank you, I'm Islamic/Jewish". . . which would have been acceptable. But still, not at work. Be graceful and cautious when it involves your livelihood.


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