I work at a grocery store. a lady came up to me and told me I looked familiar and she said, "I know I've seen you at (name of her church.)" I said I had never heard of the church and she asked me if I'd like to come, I said, "No maam, I'm an atheist." She looked at me, horrified, and left. a while later my manager came and said a woman had complained that I had insulted her church. I was dumbfounded, and told him what happened. He said, "well from now on, keep your opinions to yourself."

Whaaat??? What should I have done? what would you have done?


Is it not okay for me to be open about my atheism?


I was on the closet all my life until college. Now I am out in the open and I don't hide it anymore. Why should I?


(also sorry if this is in the wrong forum.)

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I don't know anyone who is in business to alienate customers. If you were reporting to me I would have said the same thing. Even if you were a Christian. Proselytizing or discussing religion in any way with customers, even if both of you happened to be Christians or both Atheist. What if you get to a key point and disagree, some people are completely unhinged when it comes to these topics and its difficult to replace a customer.
This story makes me sad : (
I would definitely not bring up atheism at work. [Unless you work in an environment that is friendly to it... and from what you said... I would say you do not.] That woman was being inappropriate in inviting you to her church while you were working. I would have said something like "I'm sorry... I can't talk about that now. I've got other customers to get to. Maybe later."

Geez, I would have been in your exact same predicament.  I would have answered her the same way, without even thinking twice about it, and I live in Texas.  Here's the kicker, I don't work with customers in that way, so I can say this without the fear of losing my job or getting into it with my boss.

I also know, I would have fretted and fumed about it, talked to my boss again, and probably would have quit my job.  I'm a chickenshit like that.  I have no job loyalty when it comes to my own feelings about being there.

I have noticed lately the more vocal I am about reason and lack of "faith", the fewer friends I have.  I just don't give a shit anymore.

Peace and Good Luck!


Yea I didn't think twice, I just said it. it was the first thought that came to mind and the first words out of my mouth
I would think that a lot of people would have done the same.
I'm training myself by learning horrible bible quotes by heart. Call it anti-preaching. I hope I can find a horrible quote for every situation. I don't have to say that I'm an atheist, but I can say to christian that their religion is insane. If they start to question their faith the quicker the time will come when I can openly say I'm an atheist.
I agree with most of what is said already. When at work we all have to take some. I don’t mean bend over like a catholic but just bite your lip and remember the wage pack. However when Theists go an evangelical hunt to save souls they are usually after having a strong dosage of prayer and mumblings earlier in the day. This leads to them assuming a superior an elevated opinion of themselves. They are saved and out doing Gods work so they get the “holier than thou” vibe. They are so doped up on it that it is like a slap in the face to them when they hear the word “Atheist” mentioned. This leads to confusion as their brain spins between reality and Jebus.

What you said: “No ma’am I am an Atheist.”

What happened in her head: “This person is possessed by demons. Please god and all the holy angels give me protection before I hyperventilate. Could it possible be that this girl is right and I am deluded? No, no, no don’t dwell on that thought. I know say more prayers. As soon I as calm down I will report her to her manager and maybe she will lose her job. That will teach her not to be a Christian. Thanks you Jesus for showing me what to do. I must go back to my cult tonight where I will be the centre of attention for a while and we can all prayer for her. Praise be.
I lol'd
BTW when she said she thought you looked familiar she was probalbly not being truthful in my opinion. She was just telling a lie to get you introduced to god. Or maybe not....
I absolutely agree. the way she said it and how she approached me was 100% attempt at recruitment
I agree with the first poster. I am a militant Atheist telling you that saying it like that is as annoying as if I asked someone to go with me to a museum and they said "No. I'm a creationist." I'm not asking them their religious affiliation, only if they're interested in going somewhere. You should have said "No thanks." And left it at that, and if they pursued "Why not?", interject carefully that you don't think that's their business. In casual settings it isn't as important and that situation may have been just as fine as "No thank you, I'm Islamic/Jewish". . . which would have been acceptable. But still, not at work. Be graceful and cautious when it involves your livelihood.


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