So I just saw this post on one of my FB friend's wall. I don't want to respond to it but WTF?! I never heard this before and I don't really know what to make of it:

"The book of Genesis is just as far-fetched as Scientology and Mormonism. But not even half as far-fetched as someone who doesn't believe in a higher power.
Atheism isn't a choice, its a disease that can be cured with scripture. So go out and tell all your atheist friends something they don't want to hear... This may be the time they actually cave in and drop their beliefs for yours."

This guy and I went to a Catholic high school together and I really can't wrap my head around this statement. Ok, he's admitting Genesis is a load of crap, good. Of course, that's kinda the Catholic Church's stance on Genesis...sooo not as good as it good be, especially considering the rest of the status. A disease? I don't think I have ever before heard that attack and ya. What do you make of this status? How would you respond if someone said this to you (better to be prepared than not)?

Can we please call this evangelizing "militant" like all the Christians/Catholics do to us?

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So which episode was this?

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Who Watches the Watchers. Episode 3 Season 4, 1989. So it's about 24 light years old.

Captain it's the engines here - Scotty can't take anymore!!!

Goodness, you're right!  I was an atheist, but hearing your extracts from the bible, a veil has been lifted from my eyes!" said nobody. Ever

That's when I say...

"So you don't believe in Genesis, Scientology  or Mormonism- good for you.  But yet you'll believe in a magic sky daddy? How exactly do you justify that?... Also, If I may say, what I find interesting about your 'cure" for atheism is that its the very thing which causes people to be an atheist. So, it sounds to me like you're recommending some type of homeopathic cure."


homeopathic religion, at first I laughed and then, I said "Wait a sec., that is exactly what today's christianity is."

A very deluded version of the original form. LOL

That's one way to look at it.. I was thinking more along the lines of how homeopathic remedies suggest you include small amounts of things you're allergic to in order to build an immunity to those things
His friend suggests the cure is the very thing which causes many to be come atheists in the first place--- reading scripture,  

Give me his name on Facebook, I'll gladly respond.



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