So I just saw this post on one of my FB friend's wall. I don't want to respond to it but WTF?! I never heard this before and I don't really know what to make of it:

"The book of Genesis is just as far-fetched as Scientology and Mormonism. But not even half as far-fetched as someone who doesn't believe in a higher power.
Atheism isn't a choice, its a disease that can be cured with scripture. So go out and tell all your atheist friends something they don't want to hear... This may be the time they actually cave in and drop their beliefs for yours."

This guy and I went to a Catholic high school together and I really can't wrap my head around this statement. Ok, he's admitting Genesis is a load of crap, good. Of course, that's kinda the Catholic Church's stance on Genesis...sooo not as good as it good be, especially considering the rest of the status. A disease? I don't think I have ever before heard that attack and ya. What do you make of this status? How would you respond if someone said this to you (better to be prepared than not)?

Can we please call this evangelizing "militant" like all the Christians/Catholics do to us?

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Slacktivist Fred Clark notices that evangelicals don't do scholarship, humor, or philosophy.  Consider sharing this link with your mirthless friend.

Seems reminiscent, even self-consciously reminiscient, of the old Catholic line on homosexuality (first it was a disease, then a choice...).  There's not much that can be said for someone who's simply decided to believe in a higher power no matter what.  There's always a tenuous 'you don't know that for sure' that can be used to cling to that belief.

As far as 'their beliefs', though, someone should tell him that atheism is manifestly NOT a belief or a religion, but rather a lack therof, just as non-stamp collecting is not a hobby, or as abstinence is not a sex position.  The phrase 'drop their beliefs' is somewhat meaningless here; converting to a religion would not require the rejection of any belief, but rather the assumption of new (ridiculous) ones. 

Tell him also that you'd be happy to discuss anything, there's nothing you don't want to hear.  The only people who are afraid of hearing things are those who are at some level aware that their beliefs are threatened by the nature of the world, and who have a desire to cling dogmatically to things that are very likely wrong.  Tell him you're open to new ideas and will judge them on their merits, that you're not afraid of hearing things that you might disagree with, and beyond that, you're not even afraid to change your mind in the face of the evidence. 

Very well stated.

I think a great majority of neuroscientists consider religion a disease. I think this is a situation of mad man calling every sane man mad and insisting they are sane!

A darker notion I get from this kind of reasoning is that this person is trying to rationalize and justify action to eradicate a disease. By which means is open to interpretation and I'll leave it at an "unpleasant" manner.

I would probably humourously dismiss it with  a 1 liner like .....

Oh wow how is it diagnosed blood test brain scan ? I don't know 1 credible Dr or peer reviewd scientific paper that supports  that Extraodinarily and might I add not very Christian  claim.

Empirical evidence ! and Source please?

Or did you make it up like some people do with Gods and that (love thy neighbour) crap they pretend matters but don't actually practise?

Like talking to a bald man about his hair really when ya think about it lol at Atheism being a religion

Good luck !

Atheism can cause dis-ease in theists! I think this could be a fact. For atheists, atheism is a cure for the dis-ease of theism. For me, 'scripture' and 'church' makes my dis-ease worsen, with often times a need for issolation, good food, classical music, and a science program to reduce the symptoms. For me to become a theist, I would need some type of full immunization, like brain damage, psychotropic drugs, or dementia.

While it might be nice to think that atheists are diseased, this is only because the theist infection is not as obvious to them as to us. If they could just take one step back from their icons, prayer vigils, speeking in tounges, and rationalizations for a young earth, it might appear that something is wrong, and seek professional help. Sadly, a flu shot will not quiet cut it.....LOL

Now he posted this... My response: "So Catholicism = Dark Side? I approve" I'm expecting an argument now.

And Umbra, in light of this new picture he posted, I think your interpretation might be damn appropriate and dead on

   I have THOROUGHLY read scripture, cover-to-cover, and it failed to cure my "disease."  In fact , if anything, it exacerbated it, to my eternal gratitude and good fortune.

The same thing happened to me. I read the Holy Bible, instead of turning me into a born again Christian, it turned me into a born again Atheist.


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