I am a new member and this is my first post ever. I was recently diagnosed with post partum depression and I have been fighting the system since then. 

I was first put on meds ( I hated the idea, I am all about using the power of your own mind but hell, whatever, I will try them), the meds didn't work, so they gave me more meds, these meds made me worst, so they put me on different meds, and more meds.....I was also told to join a support group for depression.......there I was told to admit that I am powerless agaisnt this desease. 

I was also told that praying might help me.

So right now I am totally doped up, I still can't find a doctor who will help me out of this mess. I have discovered that the medication that was prescribed to me 

a) Never worked better than placebo in every clinical trial that it was put on

b) Should only be prescribed to people with severe mental illnesses


So while I wait to see a psychiatrist to help me get off the meds no other doctor is willing to help me wean off these medications that make me feel so out of it. I thought of joining a support group.........little did I know that all the support groups in the area are religious. They are all talk and no action.  Again I am being asked to admit that I am powerless...how the hell am I suppose to get better ?????????????

So I was hoping to find some support here, where people are not just going to tell me to pray again and hope that this " god" guy will get me out of this mess.........



All I wanted is some therapy to help my mind get back in shape! Now I am a slave to crazy psychotropic pills!!!!

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Thanks for that link. I didn't see that support group when I first searched

Hi Carmen,

You've received some pretty sound advice here, I'm glad you're aware that you are not powerless.

I just wanted to add, that I've been told many doctors are given financial kick backs by Big Pharm, in the form of cash bonuses, paid vacations, jewlery, expensive writing tools, etc. I have a client who sells the drugs to hospitals all over the country and she admitted to this.

So it is no shock that you are having a hard time finding someone who wants to help wean you off, that desire of yours is a threat to their income and possibly their own addiction to wanting more of whatever they're being handed every time they medicate someone. But as many in this thread have suggested, not every doctor is attached to their own agenda, some actually are in the field of helping others out of pure selflessness. 

Not too long ago I was injured on a roller-coaster, resulting in severe whiplash. The doctor I went to, wanted to give me anti-depressants even though I told him I wasn't depressed. This confirmed for me, what my client had told me.

It is proven too, that these meds only treat the "illness", they do not cure.

I trust that your tenacity will lead you to the drug free results you prefer.






Absolutely. Years ago I used to work in catering and we delivered many expensive lunches for doctors and nurses for sales people working for the Big Pharm industry. They would show up with boxes loaded with pens and writing pads with the name of whatever drug they wanted to sell. I would deliver their sandwiches and I would watch them interact with the doctors and the staff......doctors loved all the attention. 

As far as I can say, I have been given medication several times before but the progress I was making was never monitored. Also, when I was at the hospital the phsychiatrist prescribed 3 different kinds of drugs without knowing ANYTHING about my past mental health medical history and without having a diagnosis for me. I know for a fact this guy will get a bonus every time I refill his prescription. 

I have been offered anti depressants several times in the past when I wasn't depressed too, just because at the time I might have been stressed out or whatever. 

What makes me laugh the most is the fact that after researching one of the drugs I am taking, a serious antipsychotic drug, I have found out that the clinical trials for this drugs were flawed, biased and that this drug was not only found to work no better than placebo, but it also had really bad side effects. 

I found the information on the medical trials in this website. This particular link to an article in the British Journal of Pshychiatry though I was reading it today at the same time I read your post



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