I am a new member and this is my first post ever. I was recently diagnosed with post partum depression and I have been fighting the system since then. 

I was first put on meds ( I hated the idea, I am all about using the power of your own mind but hell, whatever, I will try them), the meds didn't work, so they gave me more meds, these meds made me worst, so they put me on different meds, and more meds.....I was also told to join a support group for depression.......there I was told to admit that I am powerless agaisnt this desease. 

I was also told that praying might help me.

So right now I am totally doped up, I still can't find a doctor who will help me out of this mess. I have discovered that the medication that was prescribed to me 

a) Never worked better than placebo in every clinical trial that it was put on

b) Should only be prescribed to people with severe mental illnesses


So while I wait to see a psychiatrist to help me get off the meds no other doctor is willing to help me wean off these medications that make me feel so out of it. I thought of joining a support group.........little did I know that all the support groups in the area are religious. They are all talk and no action.  Again I am being asked to admit that I am powerless...how the hell am I suppose to get better ?????????????

So I was hoping to find some support here, where people are not just going to tell me to pray again and hope that this " god" guy will get me out of this mess.........



All I wanted is some therapy to help my mind get back in shape! Now I am a slave to crazy psychotropic pills!!!!

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I hear stories like yours all too often - and I think the issues surrounding mental health in the USA and beyond are too often swept under the rug. A good friend of mine recently had a manic episode and he was taken to a mental institution and is now on a couple drugs which one's I'm not sure it makes me cringe though. I really think that drugs should be a last resort for treating mental issues and that most mental issues can be overcome, resolved, or people can learn to handle the symptoms if creative therapies/support groups are used. I also don't understand the whole "admit you are powerless thing" to me admitting you are powerless is just giving up and if it were me I wouldn't go down without a fight. You aren't powerless you are the person who has the power and with the right tools and support you can overcome your PPD. I really hope you find something that works for you even if you have to go it alone.


Another suggestion I thought of... You could also try to see if there are any public or good non-religious private universities near you that have programs that could help - these sorts of universities are more likely to have secular programs and supports or maybe even a study (not involving drugs) you could participate in.

It is TOTALLY common. Are you kidding me? Have you ever done any research on the status of the mental health care industry in America. It's practically barbaric.


Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to criticize you. I'm just trying to make a point by being a little dramatic. I really mean no offense at all and hope you find what you need soon.


As far as what you said in that last paragrpah:

I am extremely surprised that this is not a bigger issue. I really don't wonder why a lot of people just fall through the cracks. They are already debilitated by a mental disease and they completely trust that their fate is in " god"s hands......then they take them to a place like that hospital I was in and they break their fucking spirit and let them out after 4 days, with nobody to monitor them ( NOBODY is monitoring me or the effect on these drugs on me).



It happens every single day and has been for a long time and it gets worse as the money get tighter.


I have seen it happen with my own eyes.


A LOT of people DO fall through the cracks. You will many of them living on the streets, sleeping in card board boxes. I have seen that also.

Oh no I understand what you mean and the funny thing is that I thought that I knew those things. 

I actually have READ A LOT about this issue in the past. I was well informed about the serious shortcomings of this system, I knew about how some mental illnesses are actually even over diagnosed, or misdiagnosed etc etc....and yet I thought that something like this could never happen to me! I wasn't severely mentally ill, I just had depression. 

I mean, if medication was doing me wrong, then someone will help me get better!!!.........I never expected to just be trapped in a drug induced nightmare and then locked up.


What I mean is, I had resources and knowledge, and I never thought this could happen with someone like me. So I guess in that respect I was a little bit of a fool!


No! You were not a fool.


As far as I can tell, when it comes to the mental health system in this country (US), it's kind of like the wild wild west or falling down a rabbit hole. It can be wild and it can be unbelievable. Maybe that's why nothing improves. It too unbelievable.  


The people that have suffered at the hands of the mental health care system complain about it but don't get heard because  they are "crazy"!  Many people with mental illness or having an "episode" DO make up stories and claim things happend to them that never did BUT many people are telling the day long truth.


It is this very well known fact that many people having "episodes" or who are mentally ill do make up stories is what makes it so incredibly easy to cover-up things when the stories are true.


Maybe this is why so many stupid, ignorant, evil people get away with harming their own patients. AND why religion is used SO MUCH.


It is my impression that all mental health students are taught the ethics of secular treatment versus bringing religion into the matter but I believe they are taught in a way in which they assume they can decide when to use it or not use it.


I'm not sure about that - it's just my impression. I know many professionals choose never to push their own personal religious beliefs on patients under any circumstances as they understand they have an advantage and leverage "psychologically" over a patient and it would be criminal to use that advantage merely to gain that person's agreement with your own personal religious belief. They get that. But many don't.


Don't get me wrong. I believe 110% there are plenty of AMAZING, incredible, WONDERFUL, dedicated, earnest, moral, upstanding, and intelligent doctors and people who work in the mental health field. But Oh. My. God. (just an expression) I have a feeling there are more bad that good. I just hope I'm wrong.  I need to shutup now.

I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life (or hijack the discussion) but...


There are several vitamin deficiencies that mimic depression. I myself was anemic for well over a decade, went through all forms of depression, suicidal ideation and tried to kill myself twice only to realize that taking an iron supplement in the week before and of my menstrual cycle (as well as a multi-vitamin) pretty much cleared up every symptom of depression in less than two months.


In addition to that latent food allergies can be causing your symptoms so you might want to try an elimination diet to identify them. I'd also recommend a gentle food-based detoxification diet (they're typically two weeks long and some of them will also act as an elimination diet) prior to the elimination diet.


If that doesn't work, you could try a good chiropractor. If there's a branch of Maximized Living in your state (I really really recommend them) you could swing by and see if they're willing to do a free evaluation of your spine. Every organ in your body, including the brain, is innervated through it. You would be amazed what a good chiropractor for your quality of life.


But that's just from the girl that firmly believes modern medicine needs to take a step back and reevaluate itself.

I agree. I was actually told that I had a considerable vitamin D deficiency. I am finally taking suplements but I am still so doped up. 

I hate being on so many medications. I asked my family doctor to help me get off them but he won't. So I had to make an appointment with the only kind of doctor who can help me with that....a pshychiatrist.....who basically makes his living prescribing this medications!!

I dont have the appointment for another month so I am stuck taking 3 different medications I DON'T NEED and I am afraid he is going to try to keep me on meds or give me something new.

I would LOVE to try a more holistic or natural approach. I basically just feel stuck in the system right now. 

I wish I could just go off them by myself but who knows that these pills would do to my brain. 

Well, I was never diagnosed. When I was finally hospitalized because of the way the medications were making me feel I saw a psychiatrist for like 5 minutes. He would not diagnose me but s

heh... I know how you're feeling. I was diagnosed with Bipolar in the early 2000s. They have put me on one med after another and the side effects have caused more problems than the meds have solved. [One medicine made me gain 50 pounds, another paralyzed my bladder... for up to 6 hours and made me so drugged that I couldn't stand up, etc...]

But you haven't mentioned something that atheists with mental illness seem to go through uniquely! [I hope you haven't gone through this, as I have]...


Can't tell you how many times my family has said "I can't help but notice that you were happier when you were a Christian." - Well... it's not my fault that the mental illness came along around the same time as I lost my faith! But it really didn't cause my unhappiness.... it actually provided a source of pride... my unhappiness comes from other factors entirely.... of course my theist fam doesn't believe me.

My family blamed my "loss of faith" and my "lack of dieting".

She noticed that I apparently as "doing sooo much better" when I starved myself all day at school, came home and exercised for two hours straight, wearing sweatpants to try to force myself to lose weight more, and she -enjoyed- seeing me torture myself like this, apparently, because it meant I was "trying to get better".

Now, I'm healthier than before in one area, and simply depressed because the world is depressing--how is it ever NOT depressing? And it is better, when I'm out with friends or hanging out or just talking to people online. The fact that I'm -doing things- helps immensely, but no, it's not because I discovered science or that I stopped bullying my body every time I had hunger.

I am always offended when religion is the first thing in everybody's mind when they want to help me cope with anything.

I thought I was used to it but when I needed help the most I started to get irritated. 

Before I tried to be understanding of how other people feel about spirituality. But now that I need to reach out, their " god a a plan for us all" doesn't cut it anymore. It makes me mad. 

At the hospital all these patients would say the same thing. About " god's plan". Curiously, I was the only one there not addicted to psychotropic medication and the only one there who had not been hospitalized SEVERAL times before............

By the way, I have been looking for some support groups and perhaps some counseling help. Money is SUPER TIGHT right now and my insurance raised the premiums.

Turns out the only places I found SO FAR are CHURCHES!! Non profit places that will take me in for group therapy and shit, for free of course. 

 Instead of that I am giving up CABLE, NETFIX and everything extra ( except for the internet) so that I can pay for a therapist. 


Think about how many people you could help with your unique way of seeing things! A lot of this doctors are not able to separate their professional lives from their spiritual lives. 

If this is what you decide to do I really admire you!I think we all know by now how many people could use services like that


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