I am a new member and this is my first post ever. I was recently diagnosed with post partum depression and I have been fighting the system since then. 

I was first put on meds ( I hated the idea, I am all about using the power of your own mind but hell, whatever, I will try them), the meds didn't work, so they gave me more meds, these meds made me worst, so they put me on different meds, and more meds.....I was also told to join a support group for depression.......there I was told to admit that I am powerless agaisnt this desease. 

I was also told that praying might help me.

So right now I am totally doped up, I still can't find a doctor who will help me out of this mess. I have discovered that the medication that was prescribed to me 

a) Never worked better than placebo in every clinical trial that it was put on

b) Should only be prescribed to people with severe mental illnesses


So while I wait to see a psychiatrist to help me get off the meds no other doctor is willing to help me wean off these medications that make me feel so out of it. I thought of joining a support group.........little did I know that all the support groups in the area are religious. They are all talk and no action.  Again I am being asked to admit that I am powerless...how the hell am I suppose to get better ?????????????

So I was hoping to find some support here, where people are not just going to tell me to pray again and hope that this " god" guy will get me out of this mess.........



All I wanted is some therapy to help my mind get back in shape! Now I am a slave to crazy psychotropic pills!!!!

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I once went through a rigorous in clinic rehabilitation program for something not in need of mentioning - But what I will mention is that my main advisor called my Father and apparently told him that I was 'Angry at God' ... and this was what was causing me issues.  


I never once mentioned God in my talks to this woman.  Ever.  Not even an implication.  Religion and God was never discussed.  


It totally creeped me out, to say the least.  It really is sad when paid professionals are able to come to unjustified conclusions so ridiculous as the claim I mentioned above.  


Also - The entire thing about admitting you are 'powerless' - Is just another attempt at getting around the 'Religion' issue in these 'programs'.  Needless to say I refused every step of the way to surrender myself to anything.  I also turned out perfectly fine.  


It's like they do everything they can to make you admit this point.  It is not needed.  All you need is to be educated on the symptoms and how to deal with it.  A healthy balance of exercise and diet will go a LONG way.  


Are you saying that none of the doctors you have spoken too will help you UNLESS you admit to them you are 'powerless'?  


I would sue their asses.  

Well, unfortunately the moment they put me on medication I started to freak out and have suicidal thoughts ( which is sooooooooo unlike me), I tried to tell them, I begged to stop taking these meds, but they kept telling me that I had to take meds, stop isolating myself, join support groups....... I eventually had to be hospitalized.

The ones that wanted me to accept that i was powerless where those therapists at the hospital. I tried to speak up.  BIG MISTAKE. They kept me there for days, made me sign this documment so that I would have to take whatever medication they gave me. The therapists there wanted me to go to all this support groups, they wanted me to try praying. I didn't tell anyone that I was an atheist. I wanted to appear as normal as possible so that I could go home. 


I don't want to tell any doctors that I am an atheist just because being honest didn't work for me. These people have their set ideas of what works.


Lame support groups.


I am still trying to figure out how to look as normal as possible to them so that I can ask to be weaned off the meds. This way  I can start recovering the smart way, with a good diet, some exercise and the power of my own mind. Unfortunately I have a feeling that when I see a physchiatrist he is not going to want me to try to get better by myself.

Your experience sounds a lot like mine. At the hospital though they didn't tell my family anything, but they would tell me that I had a problem with attitude and that in order for me to get out I would have to socialize with everybody. Everybody there was completely insane, super religious and very creepy. So I sat there, for days, listening to their crazy rumblings about evolution, god and shit like that, until they let me out.


I wish I never told a doctor about depression. I should have done it my way. 



They probably think you are in denial of your disease.  It is a disease, after all.  That isn't a bad word though.  There is nothing wrong with having it.  It's a disease of the brain / mind. 


Medication is not for everyone.  Some people find it to be demeaning to feel that their brain is being 'controlled' by a pill.  


I can't say whether or not taking my medication helped.  But what I can say is that when I began to go out to clubs and bars and meet girls and socialize again , I began to feel extremely happy.  I was an introvert for such a long time.  So I forced myself to hang out at bars, and began shooting pool a lot - something I am extremely good at.  Also, being a server for a few years forced me out of my shell.  


There are usually very sound and very practical methods of overcoming such a thing as depression.  None of them require pills.  A lot of the time, the pills make things worse ... 


I would search the internet and find a reputable institution ... And talk to them over the phone and explain to them your problem.  

Hello Carmen. You are not powerless against PPD, in fact quite the opposite.  PPD is treatable. With professional medical care. A good psychiatrist will work with you to make with you a treatment plan designed for you, addressing identifiable factors applicable to your specific situation. I wish you all the best and a fast and permanent recovery.

Do keep in mind too that the science of psychiatry is relatively young, and so what medication works for one may not work for another.  As a result, there's a lot of trial-and-error involved before finding the treatment that works right just for you.


I have bipolar disorder.  It's not something one can just think one's way out of.  I personally think it's dangerous to suggest that depression can just be snapped out of by thinking happy thoughts (or saying happy prayers).  It reminds me a bit of the South Park episode where a kid needed a kidney transplant but the new-agey healers were insistent that he just needed to "flush out his toxins" (never mind that that's what kidneys are for!).


Add my voice to Albert's when I say you are NOT powerless.  But I'd be lying if I said you aren't in for a rough time ahead.  Just try to remind yourself when you can that it is NOT forever, and that there are people who are going/have gone through similar.


Laura Foster

Living better through chemistry since 2000.

I bookmarked this page. I have to go back to work. :(

If your area only has religious support groups and no doctors/psychiatrists willing help you get off the meds and seek a better way for you to deal with and eventually over come your post partum depression then I suggest going out of your local area if at all possible. Look to the cities around you and explore their possibilities, the bigger the city the more likely they are to have a greater variety.


In the mean time educate yourself... there are tons of online sources. Try to find things you can do at home to ease your symptoms. Even while still on the drugs start exercising regularly, write a journal, eat healthy foods, take time for yourself every day, maybe try meditation, so what you can to avoid being isolated go out with some friends, and of course spend time with your baby and try to make it as positive as possible.

I will advise you to keep reaching out, if at all possible, also.


I know that people suffering from depression many times have limitations as to how much and

often they can "reach out" seeking effective help. I know that people suffering from severe

depression can have difficulty summing up the energy to "reach out" in the first place.


It is a fact that there are many professional people in the mental illness field who will

pull the "God crap" stuff out in a heart beat. And I know for a fact, in some instances,

they will do it in con-joined efforts with co-workers, for example, in a mental professional

facility setting.


It may be something to do with the part of the country the facility is located in. For

example, maybe facilities in New England rarely use this tactic versus what goes on in

facilities in the Bible belt. I don't know.


I'm surprised this does not get talked about more. I consider it a seriously fucked up

practice that is highly covered-up in the mental illness profession (using religion as a

recommended recovery tool).


Just try to find the good ones (mental illness professionals). They are there also. Try to

ignore the bad ones and I know that can be very hard to do.


Wishing you good luck and the strength to maintain your hope of getting better soon.

I had the god crap pulled out at a Facility in Demopolis. I drove there for an hour for an appointment, only to get "read your bible, pray some more" as my prescription to help me.


Then I went on Zoloft 50mg for good, and gave up on "professionals". I know me better, and I'm likely to feel better if I simply socialize with people--which isn't easy, but that's what helps me.

Right now of course I'm stuck in my dorm--better than home, but still not great.  I just need to organize a group of friends to be around regularly. I've not been able to do that in the past 3 years here. Part of it is that my  now ex-boyfriend would get jealous and accuse me of having sex with anyone(girl or guy) that I hung out with and talked to, part of it was just my general introvert self being afraid of everything, part of it is--yes, I'm not sexy, I'm not hot, I'm a fat chick and I life in the south--a shallow, religious-obsessed place.

I honestly can't wait to move out of here.

But The mental health system in this country is insane--no pun intended, and I'm never going to look for help from there ever again.


I am considering going off these meds gradually and on my own. Because the only person that can help me is a pshychiatrist, who, as I said, makes a living prescribing these meds to begin with.

I feel that I could do better by just trying to have a healthier life. Unfortunately I basically trusted my mind to a bunch of doctors who get paid to prescribe this horrible meds.

I started with postpartum depression. Now I am on pshychotropic meds and two other ones....I feel that my brain is just a lab experiment for big pharma right now.



I went in the system as an honest, very able and smart person with a depression problem. They turned me into a crazy drugged up sobbing idiot, then locked me up in a hospital when the meds they gave me didn't work right.....and once I got locked up I had no choice but to comply, take MORE meds and listen to their god crap over and over in those things they call " group meetings".


While I was there I wondered how people can actually recover from any mental illness by feeling powerless. You already feel powerless when you are depressed. And yet they want you to give up complete control of your mind to drugs and an invisible deity?

Being hospitalized for a week was like a revelation. I seriously mistrust any proffesional right now.

I live in the Midwest and I haven't been able to find a good therapist or professional that seems to have a more holistic approach to mental health. Everybody is all about drugs

Well, I live in Illinois, outside of Chicago. I can tell you right now I have had a REALLY hard time finding a proffessional in my area that will take a more holistic approach to depression.  All I wanted is to find a doctor who believe in something else BESIDES medicating me. 

After all I know that it works for a lot of people. Just not for me. 

I am extremely surprised that this is not a bigger issue. I really don't wonder why a lot of people just fall through the cracks. They are already debilitated by a mental disease and they completely trust that their fate is in " god"s hands......then they take them to a place like that hospital I was in and they break their fucking spirit and let them out after 4 days, with nobody to monitor them ( NOBODY is monitoring me or the effect on these drugs on me).


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