As a mother and Atheist ( for over 20 years) I've found the hardest aspect of being an Atheist and a parent - is finding community. Not just for myself - but for my children. Community and socialization are crucial in a child's development. I feel this in one of the most significant reasons there is less women in Atheism -  because there is less family in Atheism. In meet-ups, they are predominately male - and usually at libraries. 

They discuss philosophy and science ... Not child friendly. 
As you read statuses and updates by fellow Atheists- you'll notice us wives and our children omitted. Very rare - is the admission of wives, children, our family life. Women are the backbone of church -  they are what keeps 'faith' alive...But not faith in God, instead faith in family and community. If we want reason to grow - then we have to find a way to include the atheist family - to offer support and community for our growing families. To organize social groups that are centered on family life and provide that crucial social development and bonds through friendship and community that are for now , found mainly in church. We have to supply an alternative...This is what keeps many people I know from outting- fear of losing community and the bonds they've built. 

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One of "blessings" of an open and free country or culture is the idea that one is at liberty to meet and exchange ideas and experiences with anybody else, anywhere, at any time. That's the beauty of a secular, civil society. Somehow, even the modest attempts at non-demomninational organization in America have faltered or failed miserably. That is a shame. The fact that religious beliefs, or the absence of said beliefs, gets in the way of a true meeting of minds, over boundries, is creating un-necessary rifts amongst people. Communities need to rally behind "communal" ideas that everyone can participate in. One needs to creat forums where mythology or faith is irrelevant. The local environment, sports, food, health, history, music, etc... are all examples of subjects that can be sources of interest where all can be involved without the histrionics of religion... or non-religion.



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