As a mother and Atheist ( for over 20 years) I've found the hardest aspect of being an Atheist and a parent - is finding community. Not just for myself - but for my children. Community and socialization are crucial in a child's development. I feel this in one of the most significant reasons there is less women in Atheism -  because there is less family in Atheism. In meet-ups, they are predominately male - and usually at libraries. 

They discuss philosophy and science ... Not child friendly. 
As you read statuses and updates by fellow Atheists- you'll notice us wives and our children omitted. Very rare - is the admission of wives, children, our family life. Women are the backbone of church -  they are what keeps 'faith' alive...But not faith in God, instead faith in family and community. If we want reason to grow - then we have to find a way to include the atheist family - to offer support and community for our growing families. To organize social groups that are centered on family life and provide that crucial social development and bonds through friendship and community that are for now , found mainly in church. We have to supply an alternative...This is what keeps many people I know from outting- fear of losing community and the bonds they've built. 

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I am not sure where you live but you can always check out Camp Quest. It is a start.

We live in Florida... Mi'a is too young for the camp- I'm waiting for the day she can go ... Thank You !!!

I re-opened this due to requests - if nothing more to than to see the stark difference in male/female rationale or emotional understanding of a complex issue with parenting & Atheism. 

Confirmation bias.

Vague & pointless. 

BTW Dan - I request you give evidence contrary to my position, using the above replies- which now yours is also taken into account. I'm not one that accepts drive by spamming. 

That's a shiny dime.  Well said.

I will post my blog on this issue - maybe that will shed some light on the the issue. 

Here is my blog - I started a separate one from my usual writing, to address issues. 


Are There Women In Atheism? Obviously So ...

I involve my children in action- charitable events and etc- these are no replacement for consistent  bond building, long term relationships. They will for now will have to suffice, until I find a community I can belong within ... I'm trying to build a group locally - again, to find people who can be consistent and involved. 


Thank you for your positive response!

Believe me, I know the feeling. It's sort of an "Us Against the World!" type thing. We're both rather antisocial anyway, and we truly don't have any meetups or 'fellowship' in our area. It's the bible belt, if you're not a Christian you're seen as a second class citizen. The closest meetup is like 45 minutes away, and they never meet. *sigh*


I'll do what I have to do in order to make my child happy and I know my husband would do the same. I guess I'm just scared that we'll be rejected by people if they find out about our atheism.

I tried to post but something is screwing up. Won't let me type more than a few lines. I'll try again later.



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