As a mother and Atheist ( for over 20 years) I've found the hardest aspect of being an Atheist and a parent - is finding community. Not just for myself - but for my children. Community and socialization are crucial in a child's development. I feel this in one of the most significant reasons there is less women in Atheism -  because there is less family in Atheism. In meet-ups, they are predominately male - and usually at libraries. 

They discuss philosophy and science ... Not child friendly. 
As you read statuses and updates by fellow Atheists- you'll notice us wives and our children omitted. Very rare - is the admission of wives, children, our family life. Women are the backbone of church -  they are what keeps 'faith' alive...But not faith in God, instead faith in family and community. If we want reason to grow - then we have to find a way to include the atheist family - to offer support and community for our growing families. To organize social groups that are centered on family life and provide that crucial social development and bonds through friendship and community that are for now , found mainly in church. We have to supply an alternative...This is what keeps many people I know from outting- fear of losing community and the bonds they've built. 

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My kids now have a new want for the holidays.. A finger monkey.. those little critters are cute..

OH my goodness. If you want to see something really cute. Check out sugar babies (or sometimes called sugar gliders or pocket pets). I want one so bad but they cost $500.00. They are marsupials.


They had them at the mall the other day doing demonstrations and teaching about them. I had never heard of them

. They really bond with humans and cats and dogs (do not smell like prey) and they can jump like squirrels and ove to snuggle inside your pocked but they do demand a lot of attention especially during the bonding process.

I was looking for some they go as high as $3,500. I almost spit water on my computer when I seen that price.. lol

We are the only Atheists we know around here.... It really sucks for us. Our kids are 4 and 7 months and everyone we know are godly. Its irritating b/c EVERYTHING is godly around here..... My kids are too young IMO to begin learning about religion (I willl teach them when I feel they can understand it.... then let them chose who they want to be.... hoping Atheist like mommy and daddy, lol) and we have no Atheist influences around here. No matter where we go, we hear about god. ugh.

Rayne, I know It's really hard when you are in the Bible belt. Angela, I checked your page to see where you live and I'm not sure what part of the state you are in but I hear that Florida is a very conservative state and that is something I did not realize until recently.


I am in the Bible belt also (Atlanta metro area) and while I don't have children of my own, I am very close to a niece who lives here and she was raised very liberal and the only flap I remember hearing about was a few women who were parents of some children she went to school with who were raising a stink about Harry Potter movies and books being satanic but most of the poeple I know just laughed about it including my niece and her family. But oh yes, I hear God God God all the time also but I bet not as much as people who live in southern rural areas.


At one time I lived in a very rural area in Tennessee so I know how it can be. Just come here and vent if you need to. We will listen and try to help.

I feel there are a lot of people who are agnostic/atheist but would never voice it to anyone so it's not that there are not people who feel the way you do - it's just that they are not out.

Let's hope over time things will change for the better for non-religious people.

I am from AL.. I made a post on my Facebook about taking my kids to see Harry Potter, I got texts, e-mails, and all kinds of shit about it.. 3 very long lengthy prayers for my kids souls???

I have been to a few UU churches, and some of them are very accepting of agnostic/atheist.. The one that is close to me here seems to be fairly organized and geared to Christianity though.


I live in south central Kentucky... yea, that says everything, lol.  My family isn't that bad, the ones that know. We just don't talk about it. My parents, thankfully, didn't disown me. They knew I was Agnostic when I was a teen. I don't want my kids to learn about religion yet, but Ash's (my oldest son) babysitter got a hold of him and started praying at lunch (my son was in my parents custody, so I didn't have any control over that... BIG LONG story about my ahole ex who wasn't very nice... but thats a different thread).... so, anyways, I threw a fit over that b/c my son is too young and closly resembles a sponge. After me and my (now) hubby moved into our home, I was allowed to pick him up at his sitters and drop him off in the am. Every morning he would say when we passed this church, "thats god's house!" ..... I just sank a little everytime he said that (my dad was actually the one that tought him that one)...... I am trying to do damage control, but luckily, he hasn't said much about god since I got him back into my custody. I want him and Jax (our youngest) and Ash to be able to comprihend the concept of god and religion.... my parents dont get that..... I'm just glad he is out of that sitters care now.

Mi'a & Tay have no understanding of Jesus & etc - other than she has named her invisible insect friend Jesus :) I taught her that to torment her grandma.

Florida is a nightmare ...


Recently I was involved in a noise ordinance discussion and campaign to counter the curfew, for airboats. I was the most articulate, well spoken , organized person who wrote in on that subject and tried to rally the river people to be more active in getting involved in community ( donating meat to shelters). The curfew hurt hunters, tours and etc - local economy. This was all started over 12 people who decide dot move on river and didn't want noise...


I regularly write on gun rights, hunting rights , hunting and so on - we are very pro outdoors. I hunt and never post it on FB anymore, I worry about getting shot by some militant right wing nut. I'd rather them now think I don't.  However, I was helping them and was very vocal - then suddenly it came out I'm Atheist. They turned on me when they found out I wasn't conservative too ... I became a liberal anti-gun, anti hunting rights advocate to them ! Despite my obvious involvement counter! It was devastating to a toy run I was hosting.


 BTW , not all Liberals and Dems are anti -gun rights! I showed where repubs wrote some of the most damning anti-legislation this nation has. Most of Florida turned conservative when an African American was elected and they all voted conservative, partly over perception of dems being anti-gun rights.


In anycase - I was called horrible names and basically, despite being outdoors enthusiast and on their side .. was outcast.

I can't find local either....

I am female, and I am an atheist who hopes to get married and have kids one day. I know I will not be teaching my children to be any one religion. There will be no indoctrination for my children. I am sure about this issue, regardless of who I end up marrying (if anyone), if I do end up having children they will not be taught that any religion is the only truth and that they must worship some god.


I've never lived in the bible belt though, so it's much easier to imagine a simple, secular, life. You guys who wish there were more atheist family-oriented communities around are only wishing for it because God is mentioned every other word around you. But a truly secular community is perfect for what you're looking for, and it doesn't matter if the majority of people believe in God, as long as they never say anything about their God.



But a truly secular community is perfect for what you're looking for, and it doesn't matter if the majority of people believe in God, as long as they never say anything about their God.


Pretty much.  It also wouldn't hurt if people were a little more Skeptical and not so anti-science.


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