So as atheists, I'm curious to hear how everyone feels about mind altering substances and their potential uses and harmful side effects.I'm also curious to hear your stance on the idea of a "drug war".I've just never had an opportunity to grill this demographic about it.I'll tell you now, I'm a major advocate for ending marijuana prohibition.I also (in spite of what at first seems like common sense) believe that opium and cocaine should be legal.I believe the FDA should get involved with the practice of reviewing and approving for use, synthetic recreational drugs.What do you guys think?

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I think you misunderstand what ERE's asking. Much of the public anti-drug propaganda relies on a religious underpinning. I think he's asking the folks here what their opinions are, in the hopes that there will be more rational thought on the matter. Unfortunately, you've shown that even atheists can jump to conclusions and make moralistic judgements on scant information. By what evidence do you label him a drug abuser? What do you know about his habits that the rest of us don't? From what I have read, he is simply asking questions, and had not mentioned what he uses or abuses.

Now, do you have anything to say that ads to the debate? Or just moralizing?

The "war on drugs" has one great benefit and that is that it creates the possibility to generate huge revenue to fund "black operations" that need to be kept out of the books. Illegality drives up prices, destroys oversight, undermines the possibility to establish and guard regulations for the quality (cutting it with unsafe polluting substances is usually very profitable) and minimal safety standards (or leaving it to private organizations to provide semi-legit/ illegitimate "grey area" services) and it is generally a boon for organized crime. In practice we see it often drives up the abuse too and criminality in general to generate the cash to finance the organized crime to provide the drugs in the first place, closing full circle.

For example the reason why "crack" has been such a huge success in the US is to be found in the Iran-Contra affair, primarily in the "Contra" part of it. This has been uncovered by the late heroic reporter Gary Webb (8/31/55 – 12/10/04) of the San Jose Mercury News. The established press found reason in his expose to unite against him and use all their resources (time, money, numerically disproportional readership, attributed credibility, professional connections) in a nearly successful effort to destroy his career and subsistence and a successful effort to destroy him as a person. That story is laid out in detail in Alexander Cockburn's and Jeffrey St. Clair's (of the Counterpunch website) book "Whiteout."

You can listen to one of his last interviews with Gary Webb (with my favorite interviewer of all time Scott Hornton) here , scroll to date: 18/12/04, with cached original articles.

This video sheds some light on how our health and well being do not factor in to the drug regulation process.  Law makers, the medical industry, well big business in general do not want us to see this research.  Very revealing...enjoy it in its entirety 

Warning: Very counterintuitive results that upset the majority of American sheeple.

As much as it disagrees with my "gut" to suggest the US decriminalize some of the "major" drugs because of all the misery that they deal..........the research is in:  THE WAR ON DRUGS IS A FAILURE.  The one mind altering drug that has arguably been responsible for the MOST misery has been legal for time immemorial (cept for that failed experient, Prohibition).  It seems we would have learned from that lesson.  I say, take the same approach to "drugs" as we do alcohol:  consider it an aggravating factor if a crime is committed under its influence and treat it as a medical issue should someone realizes they have a problem with drugs.  This is just the opinion of just one atheist.

I say better living thru chemistry! Tune in, turn on and drop out! 

Some people are so against light drugs that it makes me wonder if they've ever tried them. Most people I know have only had positive experienced and reactions with them...
You sound like Christians! Knockin before youre tryin..
Also, abusing drugs and the recreational use of drugs are completely different regardless of what drug it is.

Must be nice to be so young and naive and indoctrinated into a drug culture.


The fact is i did my fair share of substance use when i was young.


I watched a person i know have a psychotic break on acid as a child, i watched meth heads steal from their families and friends, and ive watched pot heads get into cars and wreak damage on property with it and endanger children.


If you really think that a mind altering substance has no ill effects your deluded by your own desires.

Haha, naive? You just sound like you hung out with the wrong crowd. Different strokes for different folks, some people are more strong minded than others. I'm definitely not a psychedelic abuser, only pot. I rarely drink or eat fast food or drink soda because they all have the bad drugs in them anyways. 

Different strokes for different folks, some people are more strong minded than others. I'm definitely not a psychedelic abuser, only pot. I rarely drink or eat fast food or drink soda because they all have the bad drugs in them anyways.

The words of a pot head and one who is denial that marijuana has become a problem for them - I used to have the same types of lunatic excuses as you when I was younger. And to compare caffeine to the regular use of THC is laughable.

And to add: an addiction isn't about being "strong minded" - it is being mature enough to admit that you have a problem - let me ask you Zach? How often do you get high? Everyday? If so, how often in a day?

No I realize the effects of marijuana and I like them. It's fun, hence why I do it. Yeah, it can cause depersonalization, but I call that being stoned. I used to smoke daily, for a few years, I cut down but not tremendously. This semester is going to cut it even more. Anyways, yeah pot this pot that but the feelings that come from it only mean good 

Zach, I used to say the same things as you my friend. I hope that you realize that you cannot smoke like you do for the rest of your life and seek ways to end this addiction. I am not a preacher - but I say it because I care about people and because I suffered a similar period of my life where I wasted a couple of years.


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