I was watching a program this morning in the u.k where they discuss a range of subjects and have a panel,usually consisting a Christian,Muslim and or politician or atheist.at one point the Christian spokesman said that atheism is a kind of religion because its a belief system that says there are no gods,would just like your thoughts on this please.

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Thanks for posting this video. :D Wow it was so well done. ;)
I was looking at these videos just yesterday. Made it my homepage for a while.
Although they do have programmes in UK you will find they are biased in the favour of religion, as our National Secular Society are tackling.
I made a complaint to the BBC about this along with others.
Yup, "I love putting faith in its place". One of his best.
That's the most succinct presentation of atheist/agnostic explanation I've ever seen. Great video. I'm embedding it on my website :-).
stupidity. Religions generally include cultural practices that affect diet, ritualistic gatherings, spiritual endeavours, and often, in fact usually, some concept of a supernatural diety which is worthy of worship. Atheism is associated with none of those things. A person who thinks this has no idea what s/he is talking about.
Belief 'system' implies more than one belief that accumulates into one categorical section of faith. Christians believe more than just in God, they also believe in Christ, the Trinity, and a lot of other rules and events that go into what becomes their 'faith', it's all based in their belief system. Atheism is a lack of belief in a deity (strong or explicit atheism is outright denial of a God). There's no system involved in it.
Atheists disagree about everything . . . except that God is almost certainly a meme.
Isn't it funny how faith is a usually virtue, but not when they claim that atheists have faith too?
No Faith is a "virtue" that they feel so strongly is "natural" and that everyone must have and understand. They can't really consider the possibility of people living their lives without faith. When they say that atheists must have faith too they are really confused about atheism and how we think but they're not in any way insulting their sacred concept of faith, I don't think. It's still virtuous even if atheists "have faith"... we're just putting their faith in the "wrong" thing - a lack of god(s) I guess. Lol.
Good point.
Atheism is not A belief system. It is a cauldron of hot belief systems any of which is too hot for theists to hold. Theists, whether Hebrew, Christian, Muslim or what not, have made up their fragile minds, and are afraid of contrary ideas that might shake and shatter their beliefs.

That is the strength of atheism, that hotbed of belief systems united only by the non-belief in God. -- Its breadth and diversity. Some may even believe in a Super-intelligence that seem to be superior to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, or even some non-anthropomorphic Substance/Energy that permeates, and unites, all in existence. All comers welcome. -- to call themselves atheists.

This lack of a common belief may sometimes make one feel alone in the wilderness, filled with religionists, each group having a common God. I, therefore, am blessed (by whom? by Me of course) (Notice the capital M?) to have found this website where atheists can feel united in our contrariness.

Thank God (Me?)

If you dare worship Me, to hell with you. I'll cast you into Hell.
Ethics is a belief system that does not need a God to promulgate it. A person's belief in right or wrong does not have to come from a belief in God, heavenly rewards or eternal damnation. When I do good to someone, I feel good. If I do harm, I feel uneasy and feel the need to make amends/restitution. I do not need a rabbi, priest, imam or saddhu to teach me that. But if you do me wrong, watch out. In the dark, keep looking behind your back. Someday, you might find me there, or the Law (of karma) catching up with you.

Belief in God as the source of moral law, gives fervent believers the (mistaken) right to enforce that law. Fundamentalists of many faiths even believe that only God can make a law, so man-made laws, contrary to God's laws, are made to be broken.

As a belief system, religion is the greatest scourge in the history of mankind. It justified the Spanish inquisition, Salem witch dunkings, Jean d' Arc's murder, Belfast killings, and today's suicide bombers. -- to the minds' of the perpetrators. It is even more scary if the power of the government is behind one particular religion. In this sense, religion and a totalitarian belief system (like communism or nazism) are equivalent. One great service atheists are doing is freeing mankind from the clutches of staunch religionists. The sooner mankind shrugs off this onerous yoke, the better.

Is there a way to unite atheists in our noble cause to help people to give up their erroneous/ dysfunctional/ divisive belief systems (or "sinful ways" of you wish)? Perhaps through this website we could think up of ways or strategies to win them over. -- to our seemingly chaotic mix of belief systems. How about using jokes? But be careful here: Irony or sarcasm may be counter-productive. Making fun of someone's religion is just in bad taste. Ideas, someone.


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