Kacem al Ghazzali is a Moroccan blogger who runs a blog that is very
critical of Islam and supportive of women's rights. He is an atheist
and has a Facebook profile that is part of the reason he is in

Kacem has received death threats that are very specific in nature
as Islamic extremists now know where he lives. He was recently banned
from school after a teacher invoked the students against him for
criticizing Islam. They chased him out of the school by throwing
rocks at him. 

His local Imam preached a sermon specifically mentioning Kacem to those
in his village who did not know of his online activities. He is now
in hiding and cannot go to the police due to Blasphemy Laws in

He is seeking asylum to Europe and there is a petition online hoping
that with enough signatures a European nation will offer him asylum.
You can read about his plight and sign the petition at the following


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I edited it in Opera which for some reason doesn't work very well with TA. I typically use Chromium (open source Chrome for those that didn't know).
Oh wow i just found out that some Jihadists reported the Help Kacem Facebook page for being offensive to Muslims...yeah the Jihadists get offended when they can't kill an atheist.
I have just signed.Just a query, what does the United Nations stand for and what do they do. If it isjustice then I think they are failing.


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