Carl Sagan once said: 'The desire to be connected with the cosmos, reflects a profound reality. But we are connected; not in the trivial ways that Astrology promises, but in the deepest ways.'


I have a simple question for the community. Does anyone think Astrology is a pile of utter nonsense, or are there people who would disagree with the above quote? I just want your opinion :D

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It's nonsense! It's just a substitute for religion since some people don't go to church anymore because they disagree with it. However, they don't want to give up believing in some supernatural stuff.

It really is nonsense!

I suppose Tarot cards and palm readers should be placed on the chopping block next. People's willingness to believe absolute bullshit is troubling.

It's certainly a pile of something.

This is probably the definitive site on the subject of astrology. If you want a good laugh reading a bunch of easy digestible articles trashing stupid astrologers and their silly beliefs, you better look elsewhere. But for those really interested in the subject and have a lot of time, you might want to bookmark it:

Probably start here:

I really appreciate all the comments and links you've all posted :D
Good show folks.

And what about people who believe in the 'properties' of 'special' stones? 

Some people wear stones, like topaz for example, in order to stop 'negative thoughts or conversation.'

Now I'm not wearing my topaz necklace, so please, feel free to be negative in your view point.. 

If anyone wants to send me large diamonds, I will be quite happy to test their properties. The ability to be converted into large amounts of cash would probably be one of the first experiments, though I can always use more earrings :-)

One good thing about astrology, from the development of this, genuine science began.

People began questioning what the church told them. Some folks wanted to find answers

and began experimenting. But, it was just the beginning. The church pushed back. Astrologists

were allowed to practice to a certain extent, but had to hide from the Catholic Church. So, it

does not signify if someone believes it. I'm cool.

                                                                                                Heathern Mary


There is not much believing involved in what Sagan said and meant by that. It is a matter of fact.

To understand what Sagan is saying, you need to have watched Cosmos, as this video is taken from that 13 hour long documentary. 


When he says 'connected' and 'deep', he is talking about the very fact that we are made from the materials that were.. lets say, regurgitated by long dead stars. We are made from the heavy materials they produced. That is why he says "We are connected, not in the trivial way that astrology brings, but in the deepest ways."

Its quite poetic when you think about. Astronomy determines we are made from the stars themselves, where as Astrology says that stars, thousands of light years away some how influence our personality.


Personally I disagree. I don't believe it's subjective 'drivel', in fact I think it shows the poetry of science, and its utter elegance. As Carl Sagan once said, 'We are made of Star stuff.' 

Yes really.

You're probably not the romantic type. That is fine. Yet what Sagan meant of course is indeed that we share the components from the periodic table, which is not obvious or trivial in the least. But much more than that is implied. The fact that the Universe has the properties it has to be able to produce a periodic table and complex chemistry in the first place. Which also isn't obvious or trivial in the least. But beyond that. Way beyond that.

From a materialist-determinist, which is what most atheists claim to be, point of view, all the lives must, at least theoretically, be predictable. So why should it suprise anyone that there are indicators for predicting the course of events?


Stripped of all the hype and jargon, Astrology is pattern matching. Is it accurate? Only one way to find out. Study how the patterns are matched according to it, apply the technique to some well known people and their known life events and see if you find it a good enough tool to apply it to others.


As a sceptic who followed the procedure a few decades ago, I was quite suprised to discover that the technique I used (for there are several systems of astrology) did an excellent job. However, I lost interest in it, since it takes a lot of time and effort to take all relevant "effects" into consideration and make a prediction and there is nothing anyone can do to change it anyway.


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