Carl Sagan once said: 'The desire to be connected with the cosmos, reflects a profound reality. But we are connected; not in the trivial ways that Astrology promises, but in the deepest ways.'


I have a simple question for the community. Does anyone think Astrology is a pile of utter nonsense, or are there people who would disagree with the above quote? I just want your opinion :D

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Astrology is as useful to self understanding, as Dowsing is to the Mining industry

It's Nonsense.


Haha, nice one Rod.

It really is utter nonsense. The idea that a start hundreds, or even thousands of light years will influence mine, or your life? It's unfathomably inconceivable.  

ethan, great topic. With no scientific basis to back up its claims coupled with its broad generalizations and assertions, I view astrology, to the extent someone seriously practices, much the same way I view religious beliefs. Ironically, there is some science to disprove the assertions of astrologists, at least with regard to which "sign" one might fall under. Turns out, according to Minnesota astronomy instructor Parke Kunkle, the earth's wobble has shifted the Zodiac signs by a good month. Apparently there's also a 13th constellation astrologers completely missed.

People were "shocked" that they weren't the sign they thought they were and were just sure something had to be wrong because their sign had so "clearly" described them. They remain loyal to their sign, sort of like a child not letting go of his security blanket. This is so even though the descriptions all say pretty much "You are kind, but also selfish; people like you but don't understand you."

As a humorous pastime, I see no real harm in it. But when charlatans take advantage of those in need of real advice by claiming the stars can provide them with guidance, it crosses the line, in my opinion, into fraud. And the fact that people then follow that fraudulent advice to their detriment is a travesty.

A very deft and cleaver way of defining the wrongs of Astrology, Skepticlese. :D

Ophiuscus is the 13th Zodiac sign, just to confirm. Apparently it wasn't included because 13 is an unlucky number, or so I've read on a previous site.

All you have to do is take two different news papers, and read the horoscope section. I can guarantee you that they will share very little similarity. Its a farce.
The above link is Carl Sagan disproving Astrology like a boss.

I agree with what you said about it being a humorous past time, but the fact that people get PAID to write these horoscopes is.. its a waste of money! 

Astrology is bullshit.

As a Libran, half of me thinks it is BS but then again their might be something in it ...

Nah! Total BS. I do wonder if there are character traits/predispositions governed by the time of year we are born though. The way summer babies get treated is quite different from winter ones. I have one of each, and noticed that the seasons definitely influence the experiences they have in the first few months of life.

I read that as "As  Librarian, ..."  I was very intrigued about what I was going to learn about Librarians and astrology, but then I read it again.  You answer is good both ways!

LOL! I do like my Kindle though :-)

I concur. Though it is entertaining bullshit.

I find it useful, when people accuse me of lacking a sense of compromise (guilty as charged on occasion), I can always claim, "Hey, I'm a Scorpio.  We see things in black and white - no grey, here, bud!"


Seriously though, utter crap.

Being a Virgo, I cannot completely dismiss it. I vaguely remember, years ago, I was wrong about something.


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