"Creationists believe the straightforward interpretation of Scripture—the earth and all living things were supernaturally created in six solar days by the God of the Bible about 6,000 years ago."

I am writing a paper refuting religious claims in a philisophical manner (using science, history, archeology, and anthropology to back my claims). I was looking at a Creation Science website and saw the above quote on this page: http://www.creationsciencetoday.com/01-Creation%20_vs_Evolution.html

After browsing this site, I realized that these people are stunningly wrong, and are making up scientific evidence!
What do you guys think?

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Thanks for that!

Creationists are people who CHOOSE to be morons, if they think it will enhance their chances of escaping death.

I had a look at the link. It is like a fart in a elevator....wrong on so many levels.

I might have to steal that.

This may be a topic for another thread, but I was wondering about a related topic.  Specifically, I was wondering about the whole Noah's Ark story in Genesis.  Now, I know that most people on here or even a number of theologians would point to the epic of Gilgamesh as the source document for Noah's Ark, and this is something in general I acknowledge as sound reasoning.  However, what I am curious about is the fact that a number of ancient cultures all over the world - even in Native Americans share in common with each other a flood myth as part of their cultural origin stories.  Are there any explanations for this?  Can anyone point me in the direction of a good explanation.  I am normally not wrapped up in questions like this, but this one doesn't want to rest in my mind.

Archaeopterxy's site should give you some of that, Barry.  I'm sure you'll be able to go straight to the right chapters!

So far only post's on what I already know - the epic of Gilgamesh and flood myths of neighboring cultures.  But what about cultures far removed from that geographical area, such as Native Americans?  Has anyone been able to explain the connections, or found evidence of connections.  In my opinion, the fact that numerous cultures world wide have flood myths is not a coincidence, however, I have never heard of any possible scientific connection for it so it's always left me with the question: "What really did happen?"  The only explanation I can answer to myself is that either a really epic flood did happen, or that cultures developed these myths out of the fact that most ancient human civilizations settled around rivers, lakes, streams, and on or near flood plains which invariably could cause such myths to spring up as a result of the surviving population.

That is what I have read Barry. You can imagine that almost any civilization living by a body of water will experience a catastrophic flood at some point, some of the inhabitants would have to survive to relay the story of "the flood". If the account of the Genesis flood story was true the whole of humanity was drowned, except for Noah and his family. It follows that there wouldn't have been any other people left to pass along the story of "Noah's" flood.

Poor Noah, he had to drop the rattlesnakes off in the new world, and the kangaroos all the way down under.

And dropping the polar bears off at the North Pole and the penguins off at the South created some real logistics problems. At first, he said, "Hell, I'll just drop 'em both off at the same pole, who'll know?" but the bears started eating the penguins, so he quickly realized that wasn't going to work.

That must mean that the Opossum being dropped off in North America was a mistake.  Afterall, it's a marsupial and marsupials belong in Australia.  Maybe it was playing dead and Noah thought, "Well, no sense in keeping these things around..."

At first, he said, "Hell, I'll just drop 'em both off at the same pole, who'll know?" but the bears started eating the penguins, so he quickly realized that wasn't going to work.


that has to have been really tricky because there were only two penguins, and if one got eaten... it must have been the male, and the female was pregnant. 

Yeah it's pretty incredible how much of a problem solver Noah wasn't.


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